How do you get the medical mystery quest in Borderlands 2?

How do you get the medical mystery quest in Borderlands 2?

Strategy. The mission is obtained from Dr. Zed, in Sanctuary. The objective is to find Doc Mercy in Shock Fossil Cavern, and kill him to find out the truth about his mysterious weapon and the wounds it has caused to his patients.

What are the chances of Doc mercy dropping infinity?

Any legendary has a 1/20 (5%) drop rate from the boss it’s assigned to, the infinity pistol is assigned to Doc Mercy. Any legendary has a 1/1000 (….What is the legendary drop rate in Borderlands 2?

Rarity Probability (rounded) Chances (approximately)
Legendary 0.009% 1 in 10000

How do you find Dr Mercy in Borderlands 2?

To fix it, leave the Three Horns Valley zone and then come back. Head back into his cave and you should find his body right on that stairway he first appeared on (NOT where you previously killed him). You should now be able to loot his body to find the mysterious weapon.

How do you start the mystery quest in Borderlands 2?

On this page of the game guide to Borderlands 2 you will find a detailed description of the side mission titled Medical Mystery. You can start this quest in the Sanctuary location after the completion of the side mission named Do No Harm.

Where is Doc mercy located?

Three Horns – Valley
Doc Mercy is a nomad miniboss in Borderlands 2, located in Three Horns – Valley.

What is an e tech gun in Borderlands 2?

E-tech weapons, or Eridium technology weapons, are type of experimental weapon featured in Borderlands 2. Non-unique E-tech weapons are color-rated magenta, similar in hue to purple rarity, befitting their high quality. They rarely drop from enemies and loot, but can be commonly found in the Sanctuary Gold chest.

Where is Doc Mercy located?

Do no harm quests Borderlands 2?

Mission Type Do No Harm is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Dr. Zed. It becomes available after Hunting the Firehawk is complete.