How do you get the altador Cup trophy?

How do you get the altador Cup trophy?

To get these items, visit the prize shop. You must have reached Rank 1 to qualify for a trophy; if you remained a Beginner, you were awarded the participation medallion instead.

What is altador Cup?

The Altador Cup is a yearly gaming plot on Neopets which begins in June, and continues until the championship is finished. As a sporting event, eighteen teams (as of 2012) from the lands of Neopia gather in Altador to compete in the sport of Yooyuball for the Altador Cup trophy.

How long is altador Cup?

The Altador Cup is a popular yearly event by Neopian Veterans and Newcomers. The cup normally runs throughout the month of June with sign-ups beginning towards the end of May.

How do you play Yooyuball?

In order to play Yooyuball, you can use your keyboard or your mouse. You control the players on the pitch with the arrow keys of your keyboard or your mouse. The closest player from the ball is automatically selected. All your other players are controlled by the computer and they run all around the place.

When did the altador Cup start?

The first Altador Cup began on the 3rd of June, 2006 (Year 8), not long after the conclusion of the Altador Plot.

How do you rank up in altador Cup?

Your rank will increase as you play more games that are a part of the Altador Cup. You can gain the most points by playing Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown will earn you the least points. Below is a table of what’s required to achieve a particular Altador Cup rank (2018).

How many times a day can you play Yooyuball?

You will always play as the team you chose at the beginning of the Altador Cup, and the opposing team will always be controlled by the computer. During the round robin phase of the tournament, each team plays every other team for one day….Basic Controls (Desktop)

Action Key
V Control Goalie

How many points in shootout showdown Do you need to score for it to contribute to increasing your rank?

35 points
Score at least 35 points (1 goal) in a game, and your score will contribute to increasing your rank!

Which Yooyu ball travels in a random direction when thrown at moderate speed?


Yooyu Effect
Clockwork Yooyu Travels in the direction thrown a slower speed, but will explode in 7-10 seconds.
Faerie Yooyu Travels in a slight curve left or right of the direction thrown at a moderate speed.
Darigan Yooyu Travels in a random direction when thrown at a moderate speed.