How do you get rift bolts in drive ahead?

How do you get rift bolts in drive ahead?

After every game, you gain Rift Tokens that allow you to unlock rewards. In each Rift Riders event, there are two special cars available for unlocking. There are also Rift Bolts up for grabs that you can use to unlock new cars artificially.

How do you get the two Sider in drive ahead?

The Two Sider is a legendary vehicle that was added in Version 1.20 and can be obtained from the Prize Machine.

How do you make money in drive ahead sports?

You can earn coins while playing the game, but you can earn them faster by watching ad videos at the in-app store. Each video is worth 40 coins, and since the ad button is always available at the in-app store, you can go back there anytime to watch more and more videos and add to your stockpile of coins.

What do tokens do in drive ahead?

A coin is used to spin the Slot Machine. It costs at least 100 coins to spin the Slot Machine once. The Coin is a gold circle with a golden biker helmet in the middle of the circle. You can win coins when you win matches, win missions, or when you watch a video.

What is the fastest car in drive ahead?

The Space Interceptor is one of the faster vehicles in-game, so you should make sure to put its speed to good use!

How do you get upgrade points in drive ahead sports?

In order to survive the world of Drive Ahead! Sports, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle. This can be made possible by completing goals, as well as buying gift packages. These actions will allow you to add to your upgrade points, which can in turn be used to improve your car’s speed, handling, and mass.

How do you customize cars in drive ahead sports?

How do you get the dragon tank in drive ahead?

Go to the boss hunt and defeat all 4 phases to win the legendary Dragon Tank!

How many cars are in drive ahead?

There are 149 vehicles in the game as of Version 1.52 (iOS). The Horse, the Chinese Dragon, and the Snowman are the only vehicles to share their name with a helmet. The Cattle Trailer and the Skater Cow are the only vehicles to feature live animals.