How do you find out if I have a warrant in Indiana?

How do you find out if I have a warrant in Indiana?

Requesters can visit the clerk’s office in their county area to find out if they have a warrant. Alternatively, a county sheriff’s department may provide a warrant search website to the public. This information is usually limited to the locality.

Who is the Crawford county Sheriff?

The advance fee is $2,500 made payable to the Crawford County Sheriff….Dave Powers, Sheriff.

1. (3) Copies of Legal Documentation (12 pt. Font or larger only please!) (See Sample ‘A’)
2. (2) Copies of Short Legal Description (See Sample ‘B’)
3. Affidavit pursuant to Rule 3129.1 (See Sample ‘C’)

How long does a misdemeanor warrant stay active in Indiana?

4. A warrant of arrest for a misdemeanor expires one hundred eighty (180) days after it is issued. A warrant of arrest for a felony and a rearrest warrant for any offense do not expire.

Where can I find free public arrest records?

Personal information like name,aliases,and birthdate

  • Address and contact information
  • Mugshot&fingerprint
  • Physical description,including height,weight,eye and hair color,and race
  • Physical identifiers like tattoos,body marks,and piercings
  • Arrest records,arrest warrants,and other information on the arrest
  • Where is Crawford County Jail?

    Crawford was in the Smith County Jail on Monday on a $1,500 bond. Deputies charged Taylor Lee Garrett, 31, of River Oaks, with theft property between $750 and $2500. Garrett was in the Smith

    Where is Crawford County Court House?

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    Who is the Sheriff of Crawford County?

    Ortiz also declared his candidacy to keep his new post in the 2022 elections — in which he will be opposed by Jon Crawford, the county’s former undersheriff who was let go by the sheriff’s