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How do you do the shadow quest?

How do you do the shadow quest?

VERY IMPORTANT: To play ShadowQuest, you must touch the yellow and purple arrow at the bottom of the screen and choose Shadow Quest from the list. If you do not choose the yellow and purple arrow first you will only see Magiquest game elements and be very confused.

How do you beat Malaki Great Wolf Lodge?

To defeat Malaki, the Magi must counter each of Malaki’s attacks. The order of these attacks are randomized, but he always starts with an attempt to steal the skylights. The Agon Rune counters this. The other attacks have obvious indicators, as well.

Where is the enchanted woods in Great Wolf Lodge?

The Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA contains this Forest Realm MagiQuest game location. The game area uses the first 5 floors of the hotel including hallways, staircase/stairwells, areas near the Sky Bridge, and sections of the Lobby & Great Room.

What is the shadow quest?

ShadowQuest is an interactive role playing game similar to the original MagiQuest that was implemented into several Great Wolf Lodge locations in 2013. In this game, players investigate the reason why the light is disappearing in the sky and to defeat the mastermind behind it before it vanishes.

How long is shadow quest?

4 to 6 hours
One game lasts 4 to 6 hours. Activation lasts the entire length of stay.

What is ShadowQuest?

Where is the goblin king MagiQuest?

The Goblin King is the ruler of a mostly unseen country of goblins in MagiNation. He is able to be encountered and dueled in the Princess and Goblin King Adventure, or it’s heroic counterpart. Canonically, he and the Goblin Guard are found within the dungeons of the Majestic Clan’s castle.

What happens when you complete MagiQuest?

You can take your wand home as a souvenir and bring it back to use over and over again with the purchase of additional game time. Your wand will also remember all of your completed quests, so you can to pick up where you left off at your next visit.