How do I watch the ice storm?

How do I watch the ice storm?

You are able to stream The Ice Storm by renting or purchasing on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu.

Is the ice storm on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Ice Storm | Prime Video.

How long is the ice storm movie?

1h 52mThe Ice Storm / Running time

What is the movie Ice Storm about?

In the 1970s, an outwardly wholesome family begins cracking at the seams over the course of a tumultuous Thanksgiving break. Frustrated with his job, the father, Ben (Kevin Kline), seeks fulfillment by cheating on his wife, Elena (Joan Allen), with neighborhood seductress Janey (Sigourney Weaver). Their teenage daughter, Wendy (Christina Ricci), dabbles in sexual affairs too — with Janey’s son Mikey (Elijah Wood). The family’s strained relations continue to tauten until an ice storm strikes.The Ice Storm / Film synopsis

Where does ice storm take place?

Where do ice storms occur most? In the United States, most ice storms are in the northeastern part of the country, but damaging storms have occurred farther south; an ice storm in February 1994 resulted in tremendous ice accumulation as far south as Mississippi, and caused reported damage in nine states.

Is an ice storm a natural disaster?

Natural Hazards | Cold & Ice Storms Ice storms are caused by freezing rain. When falling rain comes into contact with a freezing cold surface the rain turns into ice on contact. The freezing rain covers everything in smooth ice which on surfaces such as roofs and roads is particularly dangerous.

What year does the ice storm take place?

The real ice storm portrayed in the film happened December 16-17 in 1973 and was named “Felix.”

What caused the 1998 ice storm?

On January 4, 1998, an upper level low system stalled over the Great Lakes, pumping warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico toward the upper St. Lawrence Valley. The upper flow then turned eastward, bringing this air mass down toward the Bay of Fundy.

Where is the movie ice storm set?

New Canaan, Connecticut
Set during Thanksgiving 1973, The Ice Storm is about two dysfunctional New Canaan, Connecticut, upper-class families who are trying to deal with tumultuous social changes of the early 1970s, and their escapism through alcohol, adultery, and sexual experimentation.