How do I reprogram my NEC phone?

How do I reprogram my NEC phone?

Step by Step Guide

  1. Pressing ‘Help’ followed by one of the programmable buttons on the phone.
  2. Hit the Speaker button, followed by ‘751’.
  3. Press the key you want to program.
  4. Enter ’01’, which is the code for the user appearance.
  5. Enter the extension that you want to appear.
  6. Press ‘Hold’ to save.
  7. Press ‘Speaker’ to hang up.

What does VM mean on NEC phone?

To listen to voicemail: If you have any unread voice messages, the quantity of voice messages will be displayed on the screen. E.g. “VM:04” will indicate you have 4 messages in addition to the flashing light. On most SL1100 or SL2100 systems, your voice mailbox can be accessed by pressing the “VM” soft key.

How do I turn off the feature button on my NEC phone?

TO TURN THE MIC ON & OFF Press Feature or FNC button to turn it on, the led on the button will light. Press the 1 key, this will toggle the mic on & off.

What does CL mean on NEC phone?

Solution: This indicates that you need to set the time and day on your answering system. During initial setup and any time there is a loss of power to the base, you will see this flashing indicator.

What does MW mean on NEC phone?

• Or, Lift the handset or press Speaker and dial the 3-Digit Extension Number. • Softkeys allow options to Ring/Voice (Toggles from Handsfree to Ringing) MW (turn callback. message waiting lamp on) or VMsg (leave a voicemail message) To Place External Calls. • Lift the Handset or press Speaker.

How do I change my phone extension?

On the Phone System menu, click Users. Right-click in the row that contains the user whose phone number or extension you want to change, and then click Change Phone Number or Extension. The Change Phone Number or Extension dialog box appears.

What does mic button on phone mean?

The MIC button will disable the Handset, Headset, or Speaker microphone. This will turn your telephone’s microphone OFF, muting the call. To un-Mute a call, press the MIC button again, so that the indicator is ON.