How do I play Hits Radio on Google home?

How do I play Hits Radio on Google home?

Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or linked to the same account as your speaker or display. Open the Google Home app . Tap Media . On your media controller, you will find the radio station or show that is currently playing.

What radio stations play top hits?

1035 KTU. New York, NY. Top 40 & Pop.

  • 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 106.1 KISS FM. Dallas, TX. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 103.5 KISS FM. Chicago, IL. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 96.5 KISS FM. Cleveland, OH. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 96.7 KISS FM. Austin, TX. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 101.3 KDWB. Minneapolis, MN. Top 40 & Pop.
  • 99.1 KGGI. Riverside, CA. Top 40 & Pop.
  • How do you get a hit on the radio?

    Radio Airplay: How to Get Your Songs Played on the Radio

    1. Gain clout elsewhere first.
    2. Send in your CD/mixtape (or even a vinyl)
    3. Focus on non-commercial radio (at first)
    4. Offer an exclusive.
    5. Send over an EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
    6. Sign with a label.
    7. Cultivate your “organic” airplay.
    8. Think globally.

    What Is a hit radio?

    A hit ratio is a calculation of cache hits, and comparing them with how many total content requests were received. A miss ratio is the flip side of this where the cache misses are calculated and compared with the total number of content requests that were received.

    How much does it cost to play your song on the radio?

    “In Hot AC and Top 40, could be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the competition.” Two other radio veterans estimated that the total cost of promoting a song to “urban” radio and transforming it into a hit was between $100,000 and $125,000.

    How do I get my music into an artist?

    7 Ways to Get an Artist to Cut Your Song

    1. Make your song memorable and easy to learn.
    2. Your song should be easy to sing.
    3. Portray the artist in a favorable light.
    4. Craft a universal message.
    5. Take a unique angle.
    6. Form industry connections.
    7. Consider collaborating with an up-and-coming artist.