How do I organize my homeschool supplies?

How do I organize my homeschool supplies?

Organizing the Homeschool Room

  1. Use lockers to organize books and materials for each child. They’re functional and just plain cool!
  2. Organize all of those small items – think paper clips and tacks – with mason jars.
  3. Browse through ideas to organize your space when you homeschool in a small area.

What should a homeschool portfolio include?

What to include in your homeschool portfolio

  • Legal and other important documents (letter of intent, test results, immunization records, etc.)
  • Curriculum used.
  • Learning objectives.
  • Work samples for all academic subjects.
  • Book logs.
  • Gameschooling log (yes, games count!)
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Monthly schedule/activity log.

How do I organize my school and office supplies?

General Organizing Principles For School Supplies

  1. Gather Your School Supplies Into One Area.
  2. Choose A Storage Location For The Supplies That Is Close Or Convenient To Where Your Kids Do Their Homework.
  3. Separate The Supplies Into Categories To Keep Things Neat & Easy To Find.

What is homeschool organization?

The Homeschool Association of California (HSC) is a nonprofit volunteer-run homeschool organization. HSC is here to help you navigate the homeschooling world with information, networking, and support. Get involved with our intentionally inclusive California homeschooling community!

How do you store books for homeschooling?

The secret to organizing homeschool books is to have an easily accessible bookshelf for the books you’re using. Once you’ve found your bookshelf, place the books you need on the shelf and train the kids to return the books after they’re finished with the day’s schoolwork.

What does a homeschool report look like?

A homeschool progress report should include basic, factual information about your student, regardless of whether you are required to submit it to anyone. You will likely enjoy looking back over these reports as your student gets older, so be sure to include details such as age and grade level, along with a photo.

Do homeschool transcripts need to be notarized?

You don’t need to get your transcript notarized. Your homeschool transcript is official because you are the counselor, the supervisor of a legitimate homeschool. However, it is your job to create one that provides context and shows you took your homeschooler’s education seriously.

How do you organize school supplies for students?

  1. Work on one (small) project at a time! This is the most important thing – do NOT try to do everything at once.
  2. Group like supplies together. This is such a simple idea, but it’s the key to organization.
  3. Purge. Purge.
  4. Put everything in a container. Then find a “put-away” place for every container.
  5. LABEL everything!