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How do I merge two projects in TFS?

How do I merge two projects in TFS?

1 Answer

  1. 1.In Source Control Explorer, select the second branch that you want to merge.
  2. Click the File menu, point to Source Control, point to Branching and Merging, and then click Merge.

What is the command line statement to edit workspace settings in TFS?

To make the current directory a working folder for an existing workspace on your computer, type tf workspace workspacename, where workspacename is the name of the existing workspace. The Edit Workspace dialog box appears.

How do I migrate Azure DevOps projects to another organization?

The steps involved are below.

  1. Add a User to Both Organization.
  2. Configure SSH Key.
  3. Update the SSH Key in Source DevOps and Clone the Repository.
  4. Check out all the Branches and Tags.
  5. Update the SSH Key in the Destination DevOps.
  6. Remove Old and Add New Origin.
  7. Push all the branches.

How do I move my Azure DevOps repository?

Push the repo Run the git push command to push the local changes to the remote (target) repo. The –mirror option is used with both the clone and push command. The option ensures that all branches and other attributes are replicated in the new repo.

How do I merge changesets in Visual Studio?


  1. select the main branch.
  2. choose the option merge.
  3. select the correct release.
  4. select the “selected changeset option” press next.
  5. Select the change set that I wanted to merge with the branch.
  6. press finish to start.

How do I pull changes from another branch without merging?

Do a checkout from your current branch and pull from another branch. This pulls all the commits from the other branch into the current branch. You can work on all the changes without changes being committed to actual branch.

When to use a baseless merge?

When the time comes to merge the changes in one branch with the other source control must execute a baseless merge in order to do the merge since it has no base from which to generate a related changes list. if you merge between branches with a branch-relation (parent child for example) , it is “normal” merging.

What is a’baseless merge’in Linux?

A “baseless merge”, that is a three-way merge of two files without a common ancestor (or “base”), means that you can’t identify what regions of a file are new and what are common. “means that you can’t identify what regions of a file are new and what are common.

How to merge two branches of a project?

If you start from a single branch, make a new branch from it, make changes and then merge the second branch with the first then that’s a normal merge. Things are different when TFS is not involved in the original branching. For example, a programmer makes a project and adds it to source control.