How do I get Vplex logs?

How do I get Vplex logs?

  1. Access the VPLEX management server for the cluster you will be collecting the director logs for.
  2. ssh as root to the director(s) you need to collect the logs from.
  3. Change directory (cd) to the /var/log directory of the director you are on.

How do I find my Vplex serial number?

How to determine or find the correct Top-Level Assembly (TLA) of a VPLEX instance. Find the TLA number of the cluster. This info is available on the serial number tag attached to the front top of the cabinet frame and on the packing slip.

How does Vplex work?

VPLEX uses an in-band architecture which means that data flowing between a host and a storage controller flows through one or more directors. On the front end, VPLEX presents an interface to a host which looks like a standard storage controller SCSI target.

What is distributed devices in Vplex?

Distributed devices: Distributed devices are mirrored devices that are spread across two VPLEX clusters connected together into a metro-plex. Distributed devices require extents from both VPLEX clusters in the metro-plex. Like “regular” devices, distributed devices also have a geometry.

What is VPLEX VS2?

VPLEX family delivers data mobility and availability within, across and between data centers. VPLEX Local provides simplified management and mobility across heterogeneous arrays within a data center.

What is logging volume in VPLEX?

Note: By default the logging volume consists of components, these components are storage volumes that could be provisioned from the same array, or two different arrays. For redundancy we recommend to store the logging volume components on two different back-end arrays.

What is Vplex witness?

Remind me: what is VPLEX Witness? EMC VPLEX Metro uses a cluster guidance mechanism known as VPLEX Witness to provide continuous availability in the event of an entire site failure. Using VPLEX Witness ensures that Continuous Availability can be delivered by VPLEX Metro.