How do I get a copy of my GED from Indiana?

How do I get a copy of my GED from Indiana?

GED transcripts are maintained by the state of Indiana and are not stored at any IPS school or facility. To attain a copy of your transcript, please visit

How can I get a copy of my GED online?

The free printed diploma can be ordered in your GED® account at After logging in, go to My Scores and select Order Duplicates. Select Diploma option and then select the Printed Diploma – Free option. You will then be asked who and what address you want the diploma to be mailed to.

How do I get my GED online in Indiana?

You have to appear in person at one of the Indiana testing sites, the exam is not available via the internet. When you pass the HiSET exam you will receive the HSE (High School Equivalency) certificate or diploma.

What states offer HiSET?

Who Has Adopted the HiSET ® Exam?

  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • Hawaii.
  • Illinois.
  • Iowa.
  • Louisiana.
  • Maine.
  • Massachusetts.

How do I get a copy of my high school diploma in WV?

Duplicate Diploma Request Request Form – available to all; $10.00 payment must accompany the mail submission. Make payment out to Kanawha County Board of Education. Form and payment can also be submitted in person to the board office. Only money order and cash are accepted.

What is the difference between a high school diploma and a transcript?

A transcript is an official document that shows the courses you have taken, the grades earned, and a cumulative grade point average (GPA). A transcript is not a diploma. Most colleges require that you submit a transcript, not a diploma, as part of the college admissions process.

Is HiSET Academy legit?

HiSET ACADEMY IS 100% APPROVED HiSET Academy is the only home study course 100% approved by the HiSET Exam. Our HiSET online classes and HiSET practice tests will make sure you pass the HiSET Exam the first time.

Which is better GED or HiSET?

Both exams, when taken successfully, lead to your state’s HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, a credential that qualifies you to attend credit-bearing college courses and will surely bring about far better employment opportunities. HiSET scoring occurs on a scale that runs to 20.