How do I find my root server password?

How do I find my root server password?

If you have forgotten your server’s root password, you can boot it into the rescue system. During this process, a temporary password is displayed for the selected rescue system. With this password you can log into the rescue system as administrator via SSH. You can then reset your server’s root password.

How do I change the admin password on a Cisco MDS switch?


  1. Use an SSH session to connect to the management IP of the switch containing the admin account.
  2. Assign a new network administrator password. Type: configure terminal .
  3. Type: username admin-name password new password .
  4. Type: exit .
  5. Save the configuration by typing: copy running config startup-config .

How do I change my password on Linux server?

How to Change your Password in Linux

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Type in the passwd command to start the password change process. Passwd may look like a spelling mistake, but it is the command to work with passwords on the terminal.
  3. Type in your current password and press Enter.
  4. Type in your new password, press Enter.

How do I change my Kali Linux password?

To add delete or change password for a user just goto dashboard and type user account and press enter. In the user window unlock the username you want to edit by click on the lock button on the top and then make changes you want.

How do I change the root password in terminal?

For Servers with Plesk or No Control Panel via SSH (MAC)

  1. Open your Terminal Client.
  2. Type ‘ssh root@’ where is the IP address of your server.
  3. Enter your current password when prompted.
  4. Type the command ‘passwd’ and press ‘Enter.
  5. Enter the new password when prompted and re-enter it at the prompt ‘Retype new password.

How do I change my password on Windows Server 2016?

How to Change the Password on Windows Server 2016 or 2019

  1. Log into the server either directly or by using Remote Desktop.
  2. Press the Windows key + i to open Windows Settings.
  3. Navigate to Accounts and open the Sign-in Options.
  4. Scroll to the Password section and click Change.
  5. Provide the current password and click Next.

How do I reset my Cisco MDS password?

Step 2 Power cycle the switch. Step 3 Press the Ctrl-] key sequence when the switch begins its Cisco NX-OS software boot sequence to enter the switch(boot)# prompt mode. Step 4 Change to configuration mode. Step 5 Issue the admin-password command to reset the administrator password.

How do I reset my Cisco SAN switch password?

Steps to recover the admin password on the MDS 9124e SAN switch:

  1. Log in to the OA/iLO port through the console or telnet.
  2. Connect to the appropriate Cisco MDS 9124e Switch bay.
  3. Reset the Cisco MDS 9124e Switch.

Which command is used to change password of your Linux system?

The passwd command
The passwd command changes passwords for user accounts. A normal user may only change the password for their own account, while the superuser may change the password for any account.