How do I find my old Polyvore account?

How do I find my old Polyvore account?

If you go to and type your old Polyvore url there’s a good possibility some old snapshots were saved and you can see some of your old profile.

What happened to my Polyvore account?

Long story short, they declare that their website has been acquired by an e-commerce of luxury fashion. As a matter of fact Polyvore doesn’t exist any more. That is without any warning, a platform used daily by thousands of fashion stylists, art lovers, interior decor designers was abruptly discontinued.

How do you access sets on Polyvore?

You can type the old Polyvore profile address and homepage in the web archive and there should be Loads and loads of pages saved for you to find collections, sets and items and hopefully find items that you like. Maybe even old members you used to follow. Pintereest may also be an option.

Can I access my Polyvore account?

Conversation. users—you will have access to download your content from your official profile by visiting by May 10, 2018 and following the instructions to request a download of your content. You’ll have until May 15, 2018 to retrieve that download.

Can I get my old Polyvore sets back?

“We have made a way to help Polyvore’s users collect their data and upload it to the new community,” said a ChicVore spokeswoman. “You are now able to download your old sets, likes, follows and more, and we are working to give you a place to rejoin your digital family.”

What happened to Polyvore Reddit?

As of an hour ago, Polyvore as a website no longer exists.

Why is Polyvore not working?

Executive Summary: Polyvore was a social commerce platform that allowed users to browse and curate fashion, beauty, and interior design items. Polyvore was shut down because its user base, as well as profits, likely declined over time.

Does Polyvore app still work?

URSTYLE is easy to navigate with clear instructions, it’s iOS and Android compatible too – meaning anyone can use it….1. Urstyle.

Pros Cons
– Allows Polyvore backups, keeping your old work alive – Thriving community of stylists – Very popular, so if you intend to get noticed on here, it may be harder