How do I find Jewish ancestors in Poland?

How do I find Jewish ancestors in Poland?

The first place to start your search is JRI-Poland. JRI-Poland is a database of indexes to Jewish records in what is now or once was Poland. The indexes come from a number of sources, but there are two primary sources: JRI-Poland’s own JRI-Poland/Polish State Archives Project and LDS Microfilms.

Is there a Jewish database?

The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) The JewishGen Family Finder database contains over 400,000 entries: 100,000 ancestral surnames and 18,000 town names, and is indexed and cross-referenced by both surname and town name. This database is free.

What is Ashkenazi ancestry?

Listen to pronunciation. (ASH-keh-NAH-zee jooz) One of two major ancestral groups of Jewish individuals, comprised of those whose ancestors lived in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g., Germany, Poland, Russia).

Are there more Ashkenazi or Sephardic?

Today Ashkenazim (plural for Ashkenazi) constitute more than 80 percent of all the Jews in the world, vastly outnumbering Sephardic Jews. In the early 21st century, Ashkenazi Jews numbered about 11 million.

Where can I find Jewish Records in Poland?

Jewish Records Indexing – Poland (JRI-Poland) has created indices/extractions to more than 6.1 million Jewish birth, marriage and death records from current and former territories of Poland that are housed in Poland today. Indices/extractions to vital records more than 100-years old are searchable on the JRI-Poland online database.

How many records does JRI-Poland contain?

JRI-Poland search results now link to images of more than 2.2 million records! Launched in early 1995, JRI – Poland is the largest fully searchable database of indexes to Jewish vital records accessible online. 6.1 million records from more than 550 Polish towns are now indexed or fully extracted.

When did Polish surnames first appear in history?

It helps researchers understand graphically where their family names first appeared in the 19th century records and spread throughout Poland by decades from the early 1800s into the first part of the 20th century.

Can I search in the JRI-Poland database?

(Please note: Donations made to JewishGen do not support the indexing of records that you can search in the JRI-Poland database.) Understanding Search Options and Search Strategies sections on this page.