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How do I efile a court case in Florida?

How do I efile a court case in Florida?

The e-filing portal website provides e-filing and eRecording capability to users with a single statewide login. Users may utilize the Portal web interface to submit documents to Clerks and Recorders. To request e-filing support, please email [email protected] or call (850) 577-4609.

Does Florida have electronic filing system?

The Florida Court’s E-Filing Portal (“Portal”) is governed by the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority. The Portal provides a single statewide point of access for filing court records and interfaces with other existing statewide information systems. 1. Single statewide login.

What is Florida E-filing?

The Florida Courts E-Filing Portal is a statewide website mandated by the Florida Legislature and the E-Filing Authority that provides E-Filing capability to users with a single login.

How do I Efile in Broward County?

A filer electronically files documents to the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal at The filing is electronically delivered to the Clerk’s inbox.

Do Florida courts accept electronic signatures?

Note: As of July 1, 2010, under Rule 2.236, all electronic initiatives will now be approved by the Florida Courts Technology Commission and will not require an administrative order to be issued by the Supreme Court.

Where do I file a deed in Broward County?

Broward County Quitclaim Deed Recording Information

  1. If the property being transferred is located in Broward County the completed quitclaim deed should be recorded with the Broward County Records Division.
  2. The records division has set forth requirements that a quitclaim deed must meet in order to be recorded.

What are the types of e-filing?

Types of e-Filing

  • Option 1 – Use Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to e-File.
  • Option 2 – e-File without Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Option 3 – e-File the Income Tax Return through an e-Return Intermediary (ERI) with or without Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).