How do I download JDBC jar for MySQL?

How do I download JDBC jar for MySQL?

Installing the JDBC Driver for MySQL Databases

  1. Locate the mysql-connector-java–bin. jar file among the files that were installed.
  2. Rename the file to mysql-connector. jar .
  3. Copy the file to //lib/ .
  4. Restart the Cluster Manager service.

Where do I put MySQL Connector jar in eclipse?

Configure JDBC driver in Eclipse IDE You need to add the downloaded Java MySQL Connector JAR in client project’s classpath . To do this, right click on your Java Project (JDBCMySQLSample) -> Properties -> Buildpath -> Libraries -> Add External JAR and select “mysql-connector-java-5.1. 14-bin. jar” JAR file.

How do I install MySQL drivers on Windows 10?

Installing MySQL ODBC driver on Windows

  1. Select the. Product Version.
  2. Select the. Operating System.
  3. Select the. OS Version.
  4. Download the ZIP Archive.
  5. Extract the .
  6. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator and navigate to the extracted .
  7. Run the following command in the command prompt: Install.bat.

Where can I find MySQL JDBC driver?

– Locate the mysql-connector-java- -bin. jar file among the files that were installed. – Rename the file to mysql-connector. jar. – Copy the file to / /lib/. On Linux, the default location is /opt/ecloud/i686_Linux/lib/. – Restart the Cluster Manager service.

How to make connection between JDBC and MySQL?

– Import the database – Load the drivers using the forName () method – Register the drivers using DriverManager – Establish a connection using the Connection class object – Create a statement – Execute the query – CLose the connections

What is the relationship between JDBC and MySQL?

Open MySQL Workbench and click on Database Connection from the menu bar.

  • Click New Connection and give it a name. For example,you could call it Development.
  • Right-click the new JDBC connection that you just created,then scroll down until you see “URL”.
  • How to fix ‘no suitable driver found for JDBC?

    java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc: jtds: //localhost:1434 at java.sql.DriverManager. getConnection(Unknown Source) at java.sql.DriverManager. getConnection(Unknown Source) In order to solve this error, just add jtds.jar in CLASSPATH of your Java application.