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How do I declare a value on FedEx?

How do I declare a value on FedEx?

To enter a declared value on your shipment:

  1. Log in to your FedEx account.
  2. Log in to your FedEx account.
  3. Create a new shipment.
  4. Create a new shipment.
  5. Under Package & Shipment Details:
  6. Under Package & Shipment Details:
  7. Review the declared value cost after you calculate the total shipping costs for your selections.

What should I put for customs value?

What value should be on the commercial invoice submitted to U.S. Customs and Border Protection? The value on a commercial invoice should be the price the buyer in the United States paid for the goods, not the amount the goods will be sold for in the United States.

What is the maximum declared value for FedEx International?

The maximum declared value for customs and carriage for the contents of a FedEx® Envelope or a FedEx® Pak, regardless of destination, is 100 US$ or 9.07 US$ per pound, whichever is greater. Goods with a value (actual or declared) exceeding 100 US$ should not be shipped in a FedEx® Envelope or FedEx® Pak.

Do FedEx make customs declarations?

Usually, as an importer, you do not need to prepare any customs documentation except as a first time importer, you might be asked to complete a Power of Attorney to authorize FedEx to perform customs clearance on your behalf. While your shipment is travelling, we will screen the paperwork & prepare customs clearance.

How much does it cost to declare value FedEx?

FedEx Declared Value Coverage For Ground — both U.S. and International — FedEx charges $1 for every $100 of declared value for shipments worth more than $300. FedEx also requires a direct signature for a parcel that is worth more than $500.

What is customs value FedEx?

Total Value for Customs This amount represents the replacement cost or selling price (even if not sold for resale) of the contents of your shipment and must be equal to or greater than the “Total Declared Value for Carriage.” The amount is required by Customs officials to assess duties and taxes.

What is declare value?

Declared value is the amount a shipper stated to the carrier that his shipment is worth. In case of any loss or damage to the shipment during transport, the carrier is liable to compensate the shipper on the basis of the declared value.

What is Customs value FedEx?

Does declared value increase shipping cost?

Also, if the declared value is over $300, the cost will increase by $1.25 per $100 of the declared value. For example, if your shipment is worth $301 to $399, the price will be $5.00 total for the FedEx declared value fee. The cost is the same for a package with a value of $305 or $395.