How do I create a selected query table?

How do I create a selected query table?

You can create one table from another by adding a SELECT statement at the end of the CREATE TABLE statement: CREATE TABLE new_tbl [AS] SELECT * FROM orig_tbl; MySQL creates new columns for all elements in the SELECT .

How do I save a table as a query in MySQL?

If the destination table does not exist, you can create it first with a CREATE TABLE statement, and then copy rows into it with INSERT SELECT . A second option is to use CREATE TABLE SELECT , which creates the destination table directly from the result of the SELECT .

How do I create a SQL table statement?


  1. CREATE TABLE table_name ( column1 datatype, column2 datatype, column3 datatype,
  2. Example. CREATE TABLE Persons ( PersonID int,
  3. CREATE TABLE new_table_name AS. SELECT column1, column2,… FROM existing_table_name.
  4. Example. CREATE TABLE TestTable AS. SELECT customername, contactname.

How do you create a table query in MySQL workbench?

9.3. 1 Creating a Model

  1. Start MySQL Workbench.
  2. Click the + button on the right side of the Physical Schemas toolbar to add a new schema.
  3. Double-click Add Table in the Physical Schemas section.
  4. This automatically loads the table editor with the default table name table1 .
  5. Next, add columns to your table.

How do you create a data table from another table?

Question: How can I create a SQL table from another table without copying any values from the old table? Answer: To do this, the SQL CREATE TABLE syntax is: CREATE TABLE new_table AS (SELECT * FROM old_table WHERE 1=2);

How do I save a query as a table?

Convert the select query

  1. Open your select query in Design view, or switch to Design view. Access provides several ways to do this:
  2. On the Design tab, in the Query Type group, click Make Table. The Make Table dialog box appears.
  3. In the Table Name box, enter a name for the new table. -or-
  4. Do one of the following:

How do you generate a create table script for an existing table in SQL?

How to Generate a CREATE TABLE Script For an Existing Table: Part…

  1. IF OBJECT_ID(‘dbo.Table1’, ‘U’) IS NOT NULL.
  2. DROP TABLE dbo.Table1.
  3. GO.
  5. GO.
  6. EXEC sys.sp_helptext ‘dbo.Table1’

How do I create a table in MySQL?

Open your database. In order to create a table,you must have a database to house it in.

  • Learn the basic data types. Every entry in the table is stored as a certain type of data.
  • Create your table.
  • Verify that your table was created properly.
  • Create a table using PHP.
  • How do I create a table from a query?

    The SQL CREATE TABLE Statement. The CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a new table in a database.

  • SQL CREATE TABLE Example. The PersonID column is of type int and will hold an integer.
  • Create Table Using Another Table. A copy of an existing table can also be created using CREATE TABLE. The new table gets the same column definitions.
  • How do I insert into a table in MySQL?

    What is MySQL Insert?

  • How to Add Data in a MySQL table Insert data in MySQL using the SQL command line Insert data using our Conrol Panel-inbuilt PHPMyAdmin tool Insert data in MySQL using
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  • How to create a table in MySQL {and display data}?

    Create a Table in MySQL Shell. Step 1: Log into the MySQL Shell. Step 2: Create a Database. Step 3: Create a Table. Create a Table Using a File Script. Query MySQL Data. Display Column Data. Create a View. Alter a View.