How do I convert US crochet to UK?

How do I convert US crochet to UK?

Converting patterns from US to UK or vice versa is easy….Crochet Term Conversion Chart US vs UK.

U.S./Canada U.K.
single crochet (sc) double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc) half treble (htr)
double crochet (dc) treble (tr)
treble/triple (tr) double treble (dtr)

What is a UK double crochet in US terms?

Both UK and US terminologies use the same stitch names double crochets, trebles and double trebles, but are indicating different stitches! A UK double crochet is a US single crochet, while a US treble is a UK double treble.

What is UK treble in US terms?

Treble crochet in UK terms or double crochet in US terms is a taller stitch than double crochet (UK). It is around twice as tall as double crochet which means that your work will grow more quickly with this stitch, in the same way as a wall would grow more quickly if you used taller bricks.

Why are US and UK crochet terms different?

Difference between UK and US Terms The main difference between the two systems is the starting point, the so-called single crochet stitch in US terms. The two systems are basically an offset of one another. What is called a single crochet in US terms, is called a double crochet in UK terms.

What is DC in UK crochet?

UK term: Double Crochet. UK abbreviation: dc.

Are UK and Australian crochet terms the same?

When reading any crochet patterns (not just amigurumi patterns) you need to determine whether the stitch abbreviations are US or UK/Australian. Why?…Crochet Stitch Comparison Chart.

US Term UK/Australian Term
slip stitch (sl st) slip stitch (sl st) (sl) older patterns: single crochet (sc)
single crochet (sc) double crochet (dc)

What are the UK crochet stitches?

Holding the Hook.

  • Slip Knot.
  • Slip Stitch (ss)
  • Half Treble Crochet (htr)
  • Double Treble Crochet (dtr)
  • What is half double crochet in UK terms?

    The imaginative abbreviation for a double crochet is dc, and for a half double crochet is hdc. (UK treble is tr and half treble is htr.)