How do I convert from one coordinate system to another ArcGIS?

How do I convert from one coordinate system to another ArcGIS?

Change a Coordinate System in a Map Layer

  1. Open ArcToolbox.
  2. Open Data Management Tools → Projections and Transformations → Feature → Project.
  3. Choose the Projected Coordinate System folder or the Geographic Coodinate System folder, depending upon the Coordinate Systems of your other files and how you want to match them.

How do I change my datum in ArcGIS?


  1. In ArcMap, go to View > Data Frame Properties dialog.
  2. Select the Coordinate System tab.
  3. Click the Transformations button at the bottom of the dialog (in older versions of the software, the Transformations button appears on the right.)
  4. Select one of the listed transformations.

How far off are NAD83 and WGS84?

Typically, NAD83 and WGS84 are within one meter of each other. Your concerns about differences of 2.5 feet, which are less than a meter, indicate you do need to perform this datum transformation.

How do I change the coordinate system of a layer in Arcgis pro?

Create a coordinate system

  1. In the Contents pane, right-click a map or scene and click Properties.
  2. On the Map Properties dialog box, click the Coordinate Systems tab.
  3. Click the Add Coordinate System button and click New Geographic Coordinate System , New Projected Coordinate System , or New Vertical Coordinate System .

What is datum transformation system?

A datum transformation is a set of math formulas that converts point coordinates from one datum to another. Datum transformations take place in three-dimensional space, but you can get a sense of how they work from a two-dimensional example. Suppose you have two different maps of the same set of points.

How do you convert to datum?

In a datum transformation, coordinates in both the “from” datum and the “to” datum are converted from latitude-longitude into three-dimensional cartesian coordinate space. Next, the math is done to align the coordinates. Finally, the coordinates are translated back into the latitude-longitude values of the “to” datum.

How do I convert datum to ArcGIS pro?

Right-click the map or scene in the Contents pane and click Properties. On the Map Properties dialog box, click the Transformation tab. In the Layer and map section, click the name of a transformation in the center column of the table to open the menu and choose a different transformation.