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How do I activate Call Forwarding on Telus Mobility?

How do I activate Call Forwarding on Telus Mobility?

Dial *21*, followed by the 10-digit number you want your calls forwarded to, then # A message indicates that Call Forward Unconditional is activated.

How do I set up Telus Call Forwarding?

Call Forward variable

  1. From your home phone, dial 72#. Listen for three beeps and then a dial tone again.
  2. Dial the number to which you want your calls forwarded.
  3. When that phone is answered, you will hear an intermittent dial tone confirming that call forwarding is activated.

How do I activate my Call Forwarding?

To activate Call Forwarding, dial *72. Dial the number to which you want to forward your calls. When someone at that number answers, Call Forwarding is activated. If no one answers or the line is busy, press the receiver button for one second and repeat the steps listed above within two minutes.

What is * 62 * number used for?

Mobile (cell) phones

Forward service Activate Cancel & Retain
if busy *67*[phone number]# #67#
if not answered (see below for custom delay) *61*[phone number]# #61#
if out of reach *62*[phone number]# #62#
all forwards *002*[phone number]# #002#

Is Call Forwarding free on Telus?

35 cents per minute for any calls that are forwarded. According to Telus service agreement there should only be an additional charge if you forward to a phone outside your local calling area or if you are roaming.

How do you forward calls from landline to cell phone remotely Telus?

Here’s what you can do to set up call forwarding from home phone to your mobile phone:

  1. Dial 310-8682.
  2. Enter your area code and phone number, then press # (only if away from home).
  3. Enter your password, then press #.
  4. From the Main Menu, press 1 for Advanced Call Forwarding.
  5. Press 1 to turn the service on.

How do I setup call forwarding on my landline?

To activate Call Forwarding:

  1. Listen for a dial tone, and press *72.
  2. Listen for a stutter dial tone followed by regular dial tone.
  3. Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded.
  4. When the phone is answered by either a person or voicemail, hang up.
  5. Your calls will now be forwarded to the number you dialed.

How can I activate Vodafone postpaid call forwarding?

Forward When You Are On Another Call

  1. Dial **67* number #
  2. Tap on the “call” button.
  3. The call forwarding facility will be activated and it will redirect to another number when you are busy.