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How can I see my Subreddit in CSS?

How can I see my Subreddit in CSS?

Navigate to to view a reddit’s stylesheet in order to see how other people implement their tweaks.

What is CSS on Reddit?

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS for short is a style sheet language used to define the way a website looks. A stylesheet is a compilation of style rules. In this case it’s a bunch of code that tells your browser how to display your subreddit. You can have rules for what colour things are, the font used, and more.

How do you customize a subreddit?

Customizing Your New Subreddit

  1. Go to your subreddit.
  2. Locate the Admin Box at the bottom of the right sidebar.
  3. Select “Community Settings.”
  4. Start customizing.

Can you change Subreddit name?

Simple answer: You can’t. Subreddit names are forever. You Your only option is creating a new sub.

What is the size of a Reddit banner?

Subreddit Banner Size Large Reddit banner size: 1920 x 384 pixels. Medium Reddit banner size: 1920 x 256 pixels. Small Reddit banner size: 1920 x 128 pixels.

Where are my subreddits?

Click MY SUBREDDITS near the top left of your screen. From the dropdown you’ll see up to 250 of the communities you’ve joined. To see all the communities you’ve joined, select edit subscriptions at the bottom of the dropdown menu, and click my subreddits.

Where is mod tools on Reddit?

While in your community on a desktop browser using new Reddit, these can be accessed by clicking Mod Tools in your About Community right-hand sidebar widget. This will open up your mod tool hub, allowing you to manage all aspects of your community.

How big is a discord banner?

The recommended size is for a server banner is 960×540 with an aspect ratio of 16:9. An image of 1920×1080 can be resized in our app when uploaded as a server banner.

How do you join a private subreddit in 2021?

Type /r/name of the private subreddit in the “to” field.

  1. If you don’t know a subreddit’s /r/name, open the subreddit in your browser and check the end of its URL link in your address bar.
  2. For example, if the subreddit URL is , you should enter /r/privatesub1 into the “to” field.

What happens if a subreddit goes private?

A private Subreddit means that the page won’t be accessible to the public anymore. While existing members can still access these private Subreddits, new users can only join through an invitation or request.