How can I check my land passbook status in Telangana?

How can I check my land passbook status in Telangana?

Steps to Check Your Land Records Online

  1. Step -1: Visit the Dharani official portal.
  2. Step -2: Click on the land status option from the main menu.
  3. Step -3: ROR-1B & Pahani online window will be displayed.
  4. Step -4: From the list of districts, select your District.
  5. Step -5: From the list of divisions select your Division.

What is the meaning of Dharani in Telangana?

integrated land records management system
Dharani is an integrated land records management system introduced by the Revenue Department of Telangana. This online portal combines land registration and administration services, acting as a single source for land parcels and discharge land-related functions in an effective and efficient manner.

How can I apply pahani online in Telangana?

Follow the below steps to apply online for corrections in Adangal in Telangana.

  1. Login to Telangana Meeseva portal.
  2. Click on the Revenue Department. Go to Revenue Department services.
  3. Select “Adangal/Pahani Corrections” under the List of services. Enter the existing Pahani details and corrections requested in Pahani.

Is Dharani started in Telangana?

Dharani was launched on October 29 last year to make the land registrations transparent. It has recorded 5.17 crore hits in a year, with over 10 lakh transactions. Around 1,80,000 acres of land in the State, not granted pattadar passbook previously have been brought under Dharani.

How can I check land owner in Telangana?

Visit the Telangana government’s official website. Navigate to the Citizen Service Corner. Select the option for “Know your land status” Select “Record of Rights (ROR)”

How can I check my property records online in Telangana?

Visit Telangana land records online search portal at // On the next page select ‘Know your SRO jurisdiction’. Now you will be prompted to enter your District, Mandal and village. Click on submit and all the information regarding your SRO will be displayed.

What is Nala in Dharani?

Hyderabad: Issue of Pattadar Passbook (PPB) and Non-Agricultural Lands Assessment Act (NALA) conversion where pattadar name is shown as “House/ House Site” is one more module included in Dharani, the one-stop portal for registration of agriculture lands.

How can I use Pattadar passbook in Telangana?

To apply for a pattadar passbook you will have to download the application form from the online portal and fill it offline. Once you fill the application form, you will have to visit the sub registrar’s office and complete the remaining formalities.

What is pahani Telangana?

A Pahani or Adangal is a legal land related document issued by the Tahsildar. A Pahani or an Adangal contains details of the land. The contents of a Pahani/Adangal: Name of the Land Owner. Extents and Khata Number.

What is my patta passbook number Telangana?

Download Pattadar Passbook

  1. Step 1: Go to Dharani Portal.
  2. Step 2: Click on Agriculture.
  3. Step 3: Then click in Land Details Search.
  4. Step 4: If You have Passbook Number and Aadhar with You, enter and click on FetchStep.
  5. 5: If not, Select district, Mandal, Village and Survey number, Submit.

How can I check my property details online in Telangana?

How to View Registered Document Details Online

  1. Visit Telangana landrecord website.
  2. Enter details such as district, SRO (Sub-Registrar Office), book type, the registration year, and the document number.
  3. Enter the required ‘Captcha’.
  4. Select ‘Submit’ or you could ‘Reset’ the details provided.

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