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How big should my army be Mount and Blade Warband?

How big should my army be Mount and Blade Warband?

Originally posted by Tuidjy: The hard cap on army size in Native is between 400 and 500. But legitimate play will not really let you go significantly over 250 and even at that number, you will have a very hard time managing morale and speed.

How much renown is good Mount and Blade Warband?

Renown is important, as it affects a number of things, such as whether you can join a faction. The base requirement to join a faction is 150, or 200 if your character is female. To be able to help a claimant gain control of one of the factions, you need 200 renown. A female character will need 700 renown to own a fief.

How do I make my armies bigger in Mount and Blade Warband?

you need to put A LOT of points in charisma if you want to get a big army in native module. One point in charisma itself gives you higher troop limit, also, you need to put points into leadership to get the army even bigger.

How do I make my party size bigger in Warband?

The easiest way to increase your party size is by investing in the Quartermaster ability in the Steward skill line. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to cheat this and rapidly increase your skill level. Just make sure to invest focus points into the skill to increase the maximum level.

How many troops can I have in Mount and Blade Warband?

The maximum amount of troops on the battlefield is determined by a setting in the options menu, with a maximum of 150 total.

What does right to rule mean in Mount and Blade?

Right to rule is the amount of respect points you have. This is used when you are founding your own kingdom, and it only appears in Warband. The higher your right to rule is, the more likely lords will be to see you as the real king and even join you.

How much renown Do you need to get married?

Meeting Your Partner. The easiest way to meet your partner is during feasts, which can be entered freely if you’re of noble birth. If, however, you come from a common background, you’ll have to prove yourself either by winning the accompanying tournament or by having at least 200 renown.

How do I lead more men in Warband?

Charisma, Leadership and renown increase your party size. Every point in Leadership increases the size by 5, 1 charisma increases the size by 1 and for every 25 renown you can have 1 more man. Own more castles/towns or become a lord.

What affects party size Warband?

Party size represents how many troops you can take with you. Party size is affected by your renown, charisma, and leadership skill.

Why does party size affect morale Warband?

Morale Modifiers Party size: the more troops you have in your party, the higher the morale penalty will be. When removing party members, this penalty will decrease by 1 each, but a temporary 1 point penalty will be incurred to Recent Events. This means you are left with no immediate net change.

What is a good amount of right to rule in Warband?

So right of rule is a factor, but not significant enough to worry about. 10 as basic, 30 is suggested for start kingdom to not be attacked by all. beside companion mission you get 10 for peace treaty, 5 for convince lord to join you.