How big does Helleborus niger grow?

How big does Helleborus niger grow?

Depending on the variety, plants of the crowfoot family can reach a height of up to 60 cm. For this reason, they are easily suitable for cultivation in pots. Provided the vessel has the necessary height to offer sufficient space to the long roots. Helleborus niger rarely needs to be repotted for reasons of space.

What is Helleborus niger used for?

Helleborus niger is being increasingly applied to the treatment of cancer and other Chronic Inflammatory diseases around the World. Most commonly it is used as a complement to mistletoe therapy but can also be used by itself in circumstances where mistletoe is not tolerated.

How do you care for a Helleborus niger?

The black hellebore does prefer moist soil and responds well even in drought conditions. Don’t let the root ball dry out completely between watering. Pour small amounts of water regularly, avoiding overwatering. Watering is best done in the early morning and early evening.

Is Helleborus niger poisonous?

There are several species of the Helleborus genus; Christmas rose, stinking hellebore and purple, all of which are poisonous to mammals. Part of the buttercup family, they flower shortly after Christmas, and the flowers are creamy white tinged with green.

Are hellebores sun or shade?

Hellebores are hardy in Zones 6 to 9. They tolerate almost full sun to almost full shade but prefer partial shade. Dense shade may reduce flower production. Generally, they enjoy slightly neutral to acidic soils.

What is the best position for hellebores?

Grow hellebores at the front of a border in sun, or full or partial shade, depending on the variety you choose. They do best in fertile, well-drained soil, but can also be raised in pots in a loam-based compost.

Are hellebores OK in pots?

You can keep it potted until you’re ready to put it in the ground outside, or you can keep it potted and enjoy it indoors and out, year round. Hellebore needs rich and well-drained soil, so be sure to choose a pot that drains and use a rich organic potting soil or add compost to existing soil.