Does the Audi TT come with a spoiler?

Does the Audi TT come with a spoiler?

More obviously, all TTs get a small rear spoiler mounted to the decklid in a move aimed at reducing lift on the rear axle at high speeds. The TT has 148 pounds of lift at the rear axle at 125 mph without the spoiler, but only a 53-pound lift when the spoiler is fitted.

Is a TT RS a supercar?

The Audi TT RS offers supercar-slaying performance for less than $150,000.

How do you put the spoiler down on an Audi TT?

Press and hold the button. By doing so the spoiler does go down, but as soon as you release the button the spoiler pops back up. For me, the only way to put the spoiler down is to drive off and then press the button.

What year did the Audi TT 8J Rs have a rear spoiler?

Fits Audi TT 8J RS models, made between 2009-2014. Contains middle diffuser. Optional: lower diffuser. View Details Audi TT 8J CX Rear Wing 1127 USD Rear spoiler / boot spoiler for all Audi TT 8J coupe models. Add to Cart Audi TT 8J RS DTM-Style Front Bumper Extension 329 USD

Will front bumper lip/bumper spoiler fit Audi TT 8J Rs Master?

Front bumper lip / bumper spoiler for Audi TT 8J models, made between 2006-2014, with standard front bumper. Does not fit S-Line and RS models. View Details Audi TT 8J RS Master Front Bumper Extension

What are the options for the Audi TT RS?

Buyers can add a sport exhaust with black tips, black exterior badging, and a steering wheel with a red mark at the top as options. There’s not a lot of choosing when spec’ing out a TT RS: It comes only as a coupe and with only a handful of options.

What is an Audi TT spoiler?

An Audi TT Spoiler isn’t just about fashion-sense; it is also in-tuned with your vehicle’s personality. While many times your automotive expression is most closely linked to the amount of aftermarket style you throw on your ride, a spoiler is something more.