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Does Roys have a dress code?

Does Roys have a dress code?

No dress code, no class, no problem.

Where was the original Roys?

Honolulu, Hawaii
The first Roy’s was opened in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1988 by namesake Roy Yamaguchi, a James Beard Award winner.

Where does Roy Yamaguchi live?

Roy, along with his wife, Denise, reside on Oahu and frequently travel to visit their long-time favorite eateries, as well as check out the evolving epicurean scene throughout the islands.

Who owns Roys Waikiki?


Type Subsidiary
Key people Roy Yamaguchi (Chef) Sunil Dharod (CEO) Mario Cernadas (COO)
Products Hawaiian cuisine, Sushi, Seafood, Steakhouse
Parent United Ohana, LLC.

Is Roys owned by Outback?

The Company has five founder-inspired brands: Outback Steakhouse , Carrabba’s Italian Grill , Bonefish Grill , Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar and Roy’s. The Company owns and operates more than 1,500 restaurants in 48 states, Puerto Rico , Guam and 20 countries, some of which are franchise locations.

Where do you park for Roys Waikiki?

Embassy Suites
Parking: Validated parking at Embassy Suites. Lunch: 2 hours free with validation & $20 receipt. Dinner: $6 for 4 hours with validation.

Who owns Outback Steakhouse?

Bloomin’ BrandsOutback Steakhouse / Parent organization

Where does Roy Yamaguchi work?

He is a co-founder and chair of the popular Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and serves on numerous non-profit and philanthropic boards.

Is Roys in Waikiki a good restaurant?

We have had wonderful dining experiences all week in Waikiki at Orchids, Dukes, and at our hotel the Sheraton. I just thought this was going to be similar. Red wine was poor, salad had all brown edges (they took it off the bill) Roys is definitely along the lines of a mediocre family restaurant.

Is Roy’s Ko Olina open on Oahu?

Per Safe Access Oahu, ALL GUESTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION OR A NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST RESULT WITHIN 48 HOURS & ID upon entry. Children under 12 and takeout patrons exempt. Open since 2004, Roy’s Ko Olina is located on the beautiful West Side of the island.

How much are ribs at Roy’s Hawaiian kai?

CRAVEWORTHY CARRYOUT SPECIALS EXCLUSIVELY FOR ROY’S HAWAII KAI. Rib lovers wanted! Enjoy Roy Yamaguchi’s Szechuan spiced baby back port ribs for $5! These lip smacking savory ribs will send you over the moon and back for more.

What is it like to eat at Roy’s restaurant?

Food was all good, service was top notch here! Roy’s in Waikiki provides quality meals and excellent service. The ambiance is very classy, but not stuffy. You see a few customers wearing tee shirts and shorts to the majority of patrons wearing a nice aloha shirt and nice shorts or pants.