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Does persona Q2 have voice acting?

Does persona Q2 have voice acting?

But despite Persona 3, 4, 5, and all other spin-off games having an English voice cast, Persona Q2 will not. Atlus USA confirmed to us and other outlets that the game will only feature the Japanese voice track with English subtitles.

Does persona strikers have the same voice actors?

Following the presentation, a representative from Atlus held a small Q&A to answer any remaining questions about the game. When asked about the English voice cast of the game, the Atlus rep confirmed that the voice cast from previous Persona 5 games reprised their roles in Strikers.

Who is the main character in Persona Q?


Character Immune Resist
Protagonist (Persona 4) Dark Elec
Yosuke Hanamura Wind
Chie Satonaka Ice
Yukiko Amagi Fire

Does Persona 5 the animation have the same voice actors?

While most of the voice cast from the original game reprise their roles, several voice actors from the original game were replaced.

Who voices Margaret in persona?

Michelle Ann Dunphy is the English dub voice of Margaret in Persona 4: Golden, and Sayaka Ohara is the Japanese voice.

Is Persona Q2 only in Japanese?

In a statement by an Atlus representative to IGN, it was explained that Persona Q2 will only feature a Japanese voice track with the option for English subtitles, with the Atlus rep confirming that “there are no plans to add an English dub to the game at this time.”

Does pq2 have English dub?

Atlus finally announced earlier today that Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is heading west. Atlus has since confirmed that, for the overseas version, it will only be playable with a Japanese voice track and English subtitles. “There are no plans to add an English dub to the game at this time,” the company told IGN.

Who is the original Siri voice?

Susan Bennett
Susan Bennett, who accidentally became the voice of Apple’s revolutionary voice assistant, says the experience showed how critical accessible tech is.

Who is the voice of Joker Persona 5?

Xander Mobus
Xander Mobus is the Persona 5 voice actor for Joker.