Does Franklin Templeton have financial advisors?

Does Franklin Templeton have financial advisors?

You can learn about the services Franklin Templeton’s investment advisers and broker-dealers provide to retail investors by reviewing our Client Relationship Summaries.

Will I get my money back from Franklin Templeton?

Investors in the Franklin India Low Duration Fund will get back an estimated 63% of the value of their investment while investors in the Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund will get back almost 50% when Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund starts distributing cash next week.

Is Franklin Templeton misleading its debt scheme investors?

It is 94% of the AUM that got locked in April 2020. Comparing the payouts made in 2021 with the AUM of more than 16 months ago is not only misleading but statistically faulty. If you go by this calculation, investors in the Franklin Low Duration Fund have already got back 106% of the AUM that got locked.

Is Franklin Templeton A Good investment?

The stocks held by the fund are of good quality but a bit undervalued. With quality names in the fund’s portfolio and its PE ratio much lower compared to its category average, there are high chances of a strong performance in the near future.

Is Franklin Templeton a good place to invest?

Founded in 1947, Franklin Templeton Investments offers “exceptional asset management” to clients in more than 165 countries. It has presence in more than 30 countries and around 1,300 investment professionals. Franklin Templeton Investments is the biggest cross-border fund management group in the world.

Is Franklin Templeton safe to invest?

How do I withdraw my Franklin mutual fund?

Phone. Call us at (866) 362-1597 to make your redemption over the phone.

Which Franklin funds are closed?

6 Mutual Funds That are Affected

  • Franklin India Low Duration Fund.
  • Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund.
  • Franklin India Credit Risk Fund.
  • Franklin India Short Term Income Fund.
  • Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund.
  • Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund.

Which Franklin Mutual Fund is best?

List of Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds in India

Fund Name Category 1Y Returns
Franklin India Bluechip Direct Fund Equity 15.4%
Templeton India Value Fund Equity 27.8%
Franklin India Corporate Debt Fund Debt 4.7%
Franklin India Equity Hybrid Fund Hybrid 14.8%

Is Franklin Templeton a good investor?