Does Anorair marry Alistair?

Does Anorair marry Alistair?

Alistair will agree to marry Anora if you talk to them about it. It is independant of whether Alistair is hardened or not. However, if you let Loghain live and Alistair is not hardened, he will retract and refuse to marry Anora. The only way to let Loghain live and have Alistair marry Anora is to harden him.

Can you romance Alistair as a male?

Alistair. Alistair can only be romanced by a female Warden.

Who plays Alistair in Dragon Age?

Stephen John Valentine (born 26 October 1966) is a Scottish actor and magician….Video games.

Year Title Role
2009 Dragon Age: Origins Alistair
2010 Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Alistair
2011 Dragon Age II Alistair

What race is Alistair Dragon Age?

Dragon Age: The Calling. Alistair as a baby with his parents As an infant, Alistair is presented to King Maric by his mother, the elven mage Fiona. As an elf, a mage and a Grey Warden, Fiona is unable to raise Alistair and asks Maric to see Alistair raised away from court and ignorant of his elf-blooded heritage.

What happens if Alistair marries Anora?

Outcomes for male human nobles Allow Alistair to kill Loghain → Marry Anora → Alistair is automatically spared. If Alistair is hardened, then he will take the throne instead of allowing this outcome.

How old is Alistair?

Dragon Age: Origins Companions (9:30) Alistair: Alistair was born in 9:10, making him 20 years old.

Does Alistair show up in Inquisition?

Alistair also returns in Dragon Age: Inquisition as the King of Ferelden or a Grey Warden unless the player imports a world state from Dragon Age Keep where he died or became a drunk. If made king, he will make a brief appearance after the Inquisitor confronts Alexius in Redcliffe.