Do shower drains come in brushed nickel?

Do shower drains come in brushed nickel?

Brushed nickel linear stainless steel long shower drain system comes in smooth brushed finish. There are no edges in the drain area where dirt can collect. Easy and reliable installation by the skilled person thanks to the pre-mounted components.

Will a 1 1 2 inch shower drain work?

Current plumbing codes (IPC as well as MA Plumbing Code 248 CMR 10 for instance) need 1.5 inches to drain for a tub with a shower. The tub can drain at leisure and the shower function when in utilize, with flow-limiting showerheads, fall within the flow rate that a 1.5” drain can handle.

How can I keep my shower drain free of my hair?

Below are a few simple steps you can take before getting in the shower, so you can keep your hair from clogging the drain:

  1. Brush your hair before you shower.
  2. Install a hair catcher.
  3. Clear the drain with boiling water once a month.
  4. Respond to any problems immediately.

What is the standard drain size for a shower?

Keep in mind that shower drain assemblies are generally made to fit a 2-inch drainpipe, not the 1 1/2-inch pipe usually found on tubs. A 2-inch pipe is the recommended size because showers have a low threshold for flooding, and a 2-inch pipe helps the water drain faster than does a 1 1/2-inch pipe.

Why does my shower drain always clog?

What Causes Drain Blockages? Smaller shower drain blockages are usually caused by a build-up of soap scum, dirt, and hair. Long hair in particular can easily clog drains, and soap worsens the problem by causing hair to stick to the drain walls more easily than it otherwise would.

Does hair clog shower drains?

Hair is the top culprit that prevents water from freely going down the pipes and eventually forming severe clogs. Most people find it impossible to keep their hair from making way down the drain during the shower, and using chemical drain cleaners to clear clogs only makes the situation worse.

How do you fix a shower drain without removing the pan?

Fixing a Leaking Shower Drain Without Taking Out the Pan

  1. Remove the drain cover.
  2. Discard the compression gasket.
  3. Remove the shower drain body.
  4. Clean the rim of the drain.
  5. Install the new gasket.
  6. Screw in the new shower drain body and seal it with putty.
  7. Remove any excess putty from around the drain.

Is brushed nickel still popular?

What is the Most Popular Finish for Bathroom Faucets? As a general rule, brushed nickel OR chrome are the most popular finishes for bathroom fixtures including faucets and bathroom cabinet hardware. It is most common to see fixtures that are of the ‘silver’ family such as chrome, brushed nickel, and stainless steel.