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Did Hosuh quit DanPlan?

Did Hosuh quit DanPlan?

HOSUH left for his service on the 15th of February 2020, not long after Stephen quit DanPlan.

Who quit DanPlan?

Stephen first joined DanPlan after Hosuh started the channel with Daniel in 2015. He was invited by Hosuh to film some videos and be a part of the channel. He Left DanPlan in January 4, 2020, making a video stating why he left and what happened to cause him to depart from the channel.

What happened to the DanPlan?

As a result, both parties received backlash and criticism, which has led to several members and contributors to the channel releasing videos detailing their point-of-views regarding the situation. This led to a temporary hiatus of the DanPlan channel after the posting of the video titled “By the way.

Why did Hosa leave DanPlan?

Stephen left the channel during this period for being underpaid. Hosuh left for the military during this period, however he is still an official member. Ann remained an official member during this period. Jay left the channel during this period.

Did Hosuh do a face reveal?

The prominent YouTuber DanPlan Hosuh hasn’t revealed his face thus far. However, his partner Jay revealed his face brief on the 3rd of March, 2018. He unveiled his face briefly in the video entitled “By the wait what? (“Face reveal”)”.

Is actually Stephen Chinese?

Stephen Ng, better known online as Actually Stephen, is a Canadian YouTuber who creates weekly livestreams and animations.

Does Hosuh have social media?

Hosuh (@hosuh_danplan) • Instagram photos and videos.

How old is Hosuh?

More Facts of Hosuh Lee

Full Name: Hosuh Lee
Born Date: 07 Dec, 1995
Age: 26 years
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Lucky Number: 7

Does DanPlan have Instagram?

The Dan Plan (@thedanplan) • Instagram photos and videos.

Where is DanPlan from?

DanPlan is a Canadian animation YouTube channel that started as a gaming channel in 2014. Their channel can be found here.

Does Hosuh have a YouTube channel?

DanPlan Hosuh is an incredible professional YouTuber with an animated characters storyline. He is part of a collaborative animated character’s YouTube channel named DanPlan.

Does Hosuh have a Instagram?