Can you use your own chocolate in the Velvetiser?

Can you use your own chocolate in the Velvetiser?

Can I grate my own chocolate into The Velvetiser? No. It’s calibrated to work with our graded size and weight of real chocolate flakes – precisely measured for the best taste and texture.

Is a Velvetiser the same as a milk frother?

In plain English the Velvetiser is more or less a milk frother. Though that’s selling it woefully short. But the basic premise is the same. The jug heats up and whisks milk and chocolate flakes to make a frothy hot chocolate.

Can you use chocolate powder in Velvetiser?

You can use hot chocolate powder in your velvetiser, however I would recommend manually mixing it in with a spoon first, or running the velvetiser a couple of times to dissolve the powder.

Does the Velvetiser heat up the milk?

The velvetiser heats the milk for about 2 minutes or so. The one I have works best with warm milk. You could however heat up the finished drink in the microwave if not hot enough for your liking.

When did the Velvetiser come out?

In 2018, Hotel Chocolat dropped a bombshell: the Velvetiser. The Velvetiser is a luxury hot chocolate maker said to make the perfect hot chocolate in just two-and-a-half minutes.

How much chocolate is in a Velvetiser?

Pour 220ml of milk into your Velvetiser — dairy, plant-based, or water will all work just fine. Sprinkle in your hot chocolate. If using one of our hot chocolate sachets, use the whole contents. For our larger pouches, you’ll want 35g (about 6 heaped teaspoons) of hot chocolate flakes.

How much chocolate is in a velvetiser?

What is the most expensive chocolate in the UK?

A To’ak chocolate bar is one of the world’s most expensive, at £400 a bar in Harrods. Harvested from a single origin cacao tree, considered the “holy grail” of cacao trees in Ecuador. The makers hope people will enjoy and experience the chocolate as they do fine wines and whiskies.

Does the Velvetiser come with sachets?

In the main box you get the Velvetiser and two ceramic cups (worth £20). There’s also the option to add on a 20 sachet starter pack from £20.