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Can you surf in a diving wetsuit?

Can you surf in a diving wetsuit?

Thinner neoprene is more flexible, so this is so you can swim and paddle ok. Diving is a pretty motionless sport – you certainly don’t ever use your arms for swimming, so diving wetsuits usually continue the same thickness all over the suit, which makes them not very well suited to surfing.

Are scuba and surfing wetsuits the same?

The biggest difference between a SCUBA wetsuit and a surfing wetsuit is that the one designed for diving uses compression-resistant neoprene that doesn’t compress underwater. This feature is important, because a wetsuit provides thermal insulation through its thickness, measured in millimeters.

How tight should a wetsuit be for surfing?

How Should a Wetsuit Fit? In general, a wetsuit should fit snugly, like a second skin but not so tight that your range of motion is limited. The sleeves (if full-length) should fall at the wrist bone and the legs just above the ankle bone, and there should be no gaps, pockets, or rolls of neoprene.

Can I use a surf wetsuit for spearfishing?

the freedive suit such as riffe, picasso, etc. Seems as though Hyperflex, Xcel, Quicksilver, etc.. has good wetsuits with integrated hoods which i think will do good for spearfishing. the stretchy neoprene with fleece type insulation for warmth on this surf suits make it appealing.

Can you use a spearfishing wetsuit for scuba diving?

The simple answer, Yes. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two. Unlike a SCUBA diver, a Freediver really doesn’t have any way to adjust their buoyancy.

What wetsuit should I wear surfing?

4/3 FULL. A bit thicker than the 3/2, the 4/3 wetsuit is a warmer option and a must have for all surfers in the North East. The 4/3 wetsuit features 4mm neoprene in the core and back with 3mm through the extremities. Surfers in NE typically wear these suits in the Spring and through the Fall and early Winter.

What is the warmest surf wetsuit?

Currently, the warmest wetsuits you can find for surfing are 7/6mm in thickness, like the toasty Billabong Furnace over on Amazon. However, this kind of wetsuit is for an extreme climate like surfing through winter Alaska, Iceland, Norway or similar.