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Can you put poop bags in green bin?

Can you put poop bags in green bin?

A layer of corrugated cardboard torn up into leaf size pieces is good now and then to keep the waste aerated if you are putting in a lot. A little sawdust, soil, leaves, grass clippings or compost sprinkled on top will help prevent smells and keep flies away. Don’t use any plastic poop bags in this system.

Can I put duvet in black bin?

How do I dispose of old pillows and duvets? Generally, household waste collectors won’t accept old duvets and pillows. Commercial waste collecting companies will accept old duvets and pillows in the landfill bin. However as they’re so large, they will take up a lot of space.

Is it OK to flush dog poo down the toilet UK?

Don’t flush animal mess down the loo “You should not flush animal poo down the toilet. The wastewater treatment process is only designed to treat human waste and animal poo has much higher levels of bacteria, as well as a higher nitrate content.

Are you allowed to put dog poo in the bin?

Dog mess can be placed in any litter bin as it’s regarded as waste/refuse. Do not put in any resident’s bin without permission, unless it’s your own.

What can I do with an old duvet?

7+ Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Duvets

  1. Picnic Or Beach Mat. You can use old duvets to make a beach or picnic mat.
  2. Pet Bed. Another upcycling idea for an old duvet is to make a DIY pet bed.
  3. Cool Box.
  4. Sleeping Bag.
  5. Moving Blanket.
  6. Plant Shield.
  7. Tote Bags.
  8. Projector Screen.

How do you get rid of a broken crockery?

If dishes are broken, or have bad chips, cracks or stains, toss them. Wrap any sharp edges or pieces in newspaper, place them in a plastic bag, label them as “broken glass,” and throw them away. Broken glass is never recyclable because it’s a hazard for sanitation workers to handle it.

How do I dispose of baby nappies?

If you can, dump the contents of the nappy into your toilet before you wrap up your little one’s dirty nappy. It’s always beneficial to get any excess human waste down the toilet where it’s meant go before it goes in the bin. Ball up the nappy tightly into a ball so it doesn’t come open in the bin. Wrap it up!

Is the Maidstone waste recovery centre open?

Our Maidstone HWRC is open, you will need to book a slot before visiting. We are trialling ‘on the day booking’ at this HWRC to improve your booking experience. Before visiting you must book one of the available four slots. Entry without booking is not permitted. You cannot carry waste into the site on foot.

How can I get updates about waste collections?

You can register to receive updates by text letting you know if there’s disruption to waste collections or if your bin collection day is changing.

How do I get my rubbish and recycling collected?

If you are elderly, disabled and live alone and need help getting your rubbish and recycling out to the boundary of your property call 01622 602600. In addition to your rubbish and recycling, we now collect small electrical items and textiles. Small electrical items will be collected on your rubbish collection day.

When will my garden waste collection be suspended?

Garden waste and bulky waste collections will be suspended for two weeks from Saturday 25 December 2021.