Can you paint inside fireplace bricks?

Can you paint inside fireplace bricks?

Painting the Inside of a Fireplace For brick or metal, you must use high-temperature paint for your topcoats if you intend to enjoy a fire in the fireplace. You can also use high-heat spray paint for grills, but be sure to check all manufacturer’s recommendations no matter what kind of paint your buy.

What kind of paint is safe to use inside a fireplace?

Basic flat black fireplace paint is a good choice; it’s a neutral color and can hide soot easily. Black also tends to look nice with almost any fireplace and room decor. Beige, off-white, or almond create a fresh, bright look.

How can I make my brick fireplace look nice?

You can change the entire look of your living room with a can of paint by updating the wall and fireplace brick color to coordinate. Gray walls look gorgeous next to a gray painted fireplace. Using a sheer painting technique will help you keep the natural variations in brick color while still taking out the red.

Can high heat paint be used inside fireplace?

ByBrittney. Online or at your local Home Depot, you can find heat resistant paint. Paint like this can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including fireplaces, wood burning stoves, etc.

How do you finish the inside of a fireplace?

Painting The Interior Of A Fireplace

  1. ONE | Clean the firebox thoroughly. Remove grate.
  2. TWO | Use high heat paint in a flat finish. It can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees farenheit.
  3. THREE | If you actually use your fireplace like we do, don’t paint where the flames come in direct contact with the firebox.

Should I paint the inside of my fireplace black?

Painting the interior black definitely freshes it up, but with a wood burning fireplace you have to accept that the floor of the firebox is going to get and stay sooty for the season. I clean the ashes out after every second or third fire but the soot remains all fall and winter.

Do you have to use heat resistant paint for a fireplace?

Do You Need High Temp Paint For Fireplace? There is a common misconception that you need to paint fireplaces with heat-resistant paint. You can paint the outside of your fireplace without having to worry about it being heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and most general interior paint will do just fine.