Can you hike in the fjords of Norway?

Can you hike in the fjords of Norway?

The famous mountains of Preikestolen, the Romsdalseggen ridge, Trolltunga, and Kjerag are just a few of Fjord Norway’s most popular hikes – and they are all big adventures. There are some great hiking areas along the fjords, in the national parks, and through the green valleys.

When can you hike in Norway?

Best time of the year for hiking in Norway is May to September, as it is the warmest time and there is the least snow. If you are tough enough, you may also go hiking during winter in Norway. However you really should inform yourself if your hiking route is accessible in winter.

Is it safe to hike in Norway?

Hiking in the mountains around Bergen is a nice way to get to know the nearby nature and the nearby Norwegians. The Norwegian mountains can be enjoyable and safe if you take the necessary precautions and come prepared.

Are there bears in Norway?

Hunted almost to extinction during the 19th century, brown bears are now, unsurprisingly, a rarity in Norway. However, a small native population can be found living along the northern borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia, three countries with much larger bear populations.

What is the best time to visit Norway?

The best time to visit Norway is during the shoulder seasons, in spring (between May and June), and fall (between September and October), when the weather is amazing and there aren’t that many tourists. The high season to visit Norway is between mid-June and August.

How much does it cost to go hiking in Norway?

Here you’re looking at just under 10,000 NOK for a six-day (seven-night) full-board hiking holiday – or some 1400 NOK per day. Cost per night on top of the initial 2400 NOK outlay: 1080 NOK (rounded). That is your minimum spend if you go with lodging and full board.

How do you stay safe if you go hiking in the mountains?

Staying Safe in the Mountains

  1. Plan your route properly.
  2. Adapt your plans to the circumstances.
  3. Bring lots of water!
  4. Cover your head, and apply sunscreen at regular intervals.
  5. Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.
  6. Wear good hiking boots or trainers.
  7. Bring a map and compass.
  8. Tell someone where you are going.

Can you drink Glacier water Norway?

Most running water in the mountains of Norway is clean enough to drink, but avoid water running through pastures or runoff from glaciers, as this may contain harmful microorganisms.

Are there crocodiles in Norway?

And in northern Norway, the home of our guest author Stefan Leimer, a special species has settled in, but is slow to get moving because of the tentative start to spring: marsh or Indian crocodiles.