Can you fish Glen Eyrie Reservoir?

Can you fish Glen Eyrie Reservoir?

Glen Eyrie Reservoir is near Colorado Springs. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Green sunfish, and Rainbow trout. 27 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

Can you walk around Glen Eyrie?

Tours of Glen Eyrie Castle are available to the public and require an advance reservation. HIKERS: Due to the destruction of the Waldo Canyon Fire, the danger to hikers at Glen Eyrie is too great to allow the public on our trails. NO PUBLIC HIKING will be permitted on Glen Eyrie property until further notice.

Are dogs allowed at Glen Eyrie Castle?

No overnight pets are permitted. Please be aware of herds of Bighorn sheep, deer, and a flock of turkeys. Can I come and take pictures at Glen Eyrie?

When did the navigators buy Glen Eyrie?

September 1953
In September 1953, the group bought the Glen Eyrie estate. Since 1953 Glen Eyrie has been the headquarters of the Navigators. The Navigators operate the property as a Christian conference and retreat center. They host about 350 events and 46,000 visitors per year.

How many rooms does the Glen Eyrie Castle have?

There are 17 guest rooms in the castle, as well as seven meeting rooms including the Castle Great Hall (2200 sq. ft. room that can hold up to 240 people) and two dining rooms (the Castle King James Hall has seating for 180 people and the Castle Music & Library rooms for seating for up to 58 people).

How old is Glen Eyrie Castle?

151Glen Eyrie Castle / Age (c. 1871)

Can you get married at Glen Eyrie Castle?

The grandeur of the castle, serenity of the landscape and their first class wedding services make Glen Eyrie Castle the perfect fairytale location for your wedding.

Does Glen Eyrie have a pool?

No they do not have a pool. It has been gone since the 60’s.

How many acres is Glen Eyrie Castle?

The original Glen Eyrie was built in 1871 by the founder of Colorado Springs General William Jackson Palmer and his wife Queen Palmer who, at age 21, opened the first public school in Colorado Springs. Sitting on their 800-acre estate, the castle was the couple’s dream home.

When was the Glen Eyrie Castle built?

1871Glen Eyrie Castle / Year built

Why choose Glen Eyrie for your event?

Be inspired by the soul-stirring beauty and history of a place where you can draw closer to what matters most. Glen Eyrie offers the most awe-inspiring location in Colorado Springs for your event.

What to do in Glen Eyrie?

We are now serving tea in our historic Castle Music Room and Library Wednesdays – Sundays 11:00am – 3:00 pm. We are offering public Castle tours twice each day, except Sunday. Take a break, meet a friend, or enjoy lunch at our bookstore and coffee shop. Spend the night at Glen Eyrie! “A majestic place filled with reminders of God’s handiwork.

Why stay at the Glen?

“Everything about the Glen is top drawer: the accommodations, staff, and the entire property. As a pastor the Glen provides a much needed break in an atmosphere that promotes spiritual refreshment and renewal.” “Our favorite place to stay for a few days every summer!” “A majestic place filled with reminders of God’s handiwork.