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Can you engrave a saxophone?

Can you engrave a saxophone?

Engraving is one of the most obvious and bold thing you can do to alter the look of a saxophone. It’s a work of art scribed right into your bell.

Why are saxophones engraved?

On the earliest saxophones in the mid and late 1800’s, the engraving found on them simply indicates the maker, model, serial number, and place of manufacture. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that saxophone makers began adorning the instrument.

What is a saxophone stencil?

Very simply put, a stencil saxophone is a horn that was made by one of the major manufacturers for another company or perhaps a music store. The ordering company would then have their name engraved, or “stenciled”, on the saxophone, and then the horn was sold without any reference to the actual manufacturer.

What is a stencil horn?

A “STENCIL” HORN . . . It is a term applied to designate a horn that was ordered by a music store to be used as a private label instrument for their exclusive sales. It was said that they only “stenciled” their brand or store’s name on the horn (although in fact it was of course engraved on the bell).

What is AC melody saxophone?

The C melody saxophone is a saxophone pitched in the key of C, one whole tone above the B-flat tenor saxophone. In the UK it is sometimes referred to as a “C tenor”, and in France as a “tenor en ut”.

What is the difference between saxophone mouthpieces?

For sax mouthpieces the common rule is that softer materials produce a darker sound with less projection, while harder materials just the opposite (brighter and more projection). From plastics to metal though, you have a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to truly customize your sound.

How can I make my engraving stand out?

Antiquing: This paint-like process is very simple yet effective if you want to just touch up your engraving and make it a bit darker in order for it to stand out. The jeweler simply rubs the antiquing formula over the engraving, and lets it fill in the carving.