Can you do main quest with alternate start?

Can you do main quest with alternate start?

Yep. When you want to start the main quest, just head to Helgan and you’ll see Alduin fly away. Just head in and an alternate version the main quest will start.

How long is the Oblivion main quest line?

around 28 hours
Oblivion’s main quest comes in slightly shorter — it takes around 28 hours from escaping the Imperial prison to witnessing Martin Septim’s sacrifice in the Imperial City. Although Morrowind’s world is smaller, the lack of fast travel or quest markers makes Morrowind’s main quest a little longer.

What is the main quest of oblivion?

The main quest is about helping the Blades restore a new Emperor and end the threat of the Oblivion Gates. Advancing in this questline will cause Oblivion Gates to open across Cyrodiil. Once the main quest is completed, they will all close.

Do you need SKSE for alternate start?

This requires SKSE, so it will only work on PC copies of the game.

How do I start the main quest?

– The main quest is started by following up on a dream you have of the Emperor’s death. Ignore it if you want. You might find that there aren’t too many options for evil characters.

What version of Oblivion do I need to get leyawiin?

This mod requires the latest Oblivion patch (v1.2) to run properly. Thats simply because I made it using the newest construction set version. Thanks to Reve23 for being very, very persistent in getting the mod to work and discovering this. If you wish to arrive in Leyawiin you will require OBSE V0014 as well as the “Better Cities LEYAWIIN” mod.

Can you pick up sigil stones after oblivion gates close?

Note: All remaining Oblivion Gates will close when the main questline is completed. This will lead to not being able to pick up Sigil Stones in order to enchant items (version 1.2.xxxx). The only way to get them after this is by using the console cheats to duplicate them . Tutorial – Escape the Prison with the Emperor.

What stage is the charactergen quest set at?

For those interested in technical details, the CharacterGen quest is set to stage 87, and MQ01 to stage 99. When the bed is activated these are set to 88 and 100 respectively, and then the quests stopped in the next run of the script.