Can we move numeric to COMP3 in COBOL?

Can we move numeric to COMP3 in COBOL?

Any numeric variable (USAGE DISPLAY, COMP, COMP-1, COMP-2, COMP-3, COMP-4, or COMP-5) can be moved to a COMP-3 variable with only truncation and overflow issues possible, depending upon the PICTURE clauses involved.

How do I move a value from alphanumeric to comp?

You cannot move a COMP-3 variable to alphanumeric directly. It will not give a SOC7 error but will you give you a return code 12 stating that comp-3 and alphanumeric variables did not follow the move compatibility rule. 01 A1 PIC S9(4) COMP-3 VALUE 1234.

Can we move COMP3 to comp?

Hi, 1. it possible to move a comp-3 field to a comp field or display field and vice versa..

Can we move Comp to COMP3 in COBOL?

Re: Move comp-3 to comp-3. So COBOL will align the sending field decimal point and the receiving field decimal point and it will then move data based on that alignment. If the sending field has more digits to the left (or right) of the decimal point than the receiving field, truncation will occur.

How is comp variable stored in COBOL?

COMP-3. Data item is stored in packed decimal format. Each digit occupies half a byte (1 nibble) and the sign is stored at the rightmost nibble. 01 WS-NUM PIC 9(n) USAGE IS COMP.

Can we move alphanumeric to comp-3?

In comp-3 data representation is in packed decimal and in alphanum data is stored in ascii form so bcuz of data incompatibility Alphanumeric to COMP-3 data movement is not possible.

Can COBOL display Comp variable 3?

In the below file, the last 2 Bytes are COMP-3 Data. You read the Hexa-decimal value in a top-down fashion. 3. You may also DISPLAY this in COBOL, by first MOVE’ing the data to a Numeric-Edited DISPLAY Format Variable.

Can we redefine Comp 3 Variable?

There is no way to use only redefines and get what you want. . . To get what you want, create a 9(13) field in ws and move EMP-NBR-1 to it. Redefine the 9(13) field with 2 other fields – the first 9(10) and the second 9(3).

How many bytes does Comp occupy?

COMP-2 items are 8 bytes long. This is the equivalent of PACKED-DECIMAL. This is the equivalent of BINARY. These data items are represented in storage as binary data….BINARY.

Digits in PICTURE clause Storage occupied
10 through 18 8 bytes (doubleword)

Is COMP or COMP-3 better?

Comp-3 = Packed-Decimal is faster, because the z/Architecture, and also previous architectureres beginning with S/360, has built in instructions to directly manipulate Packed-Decimal data, e.g AP (Add packed).