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Can Registered Mail be tracked online?

Can Registered Mail be tracked online?

Registered Mail service items cannot be tracked through the mailstream and will not provide updated scans. However, Registered Mail service does provide information with a scan showing the delivery status or attempted delivery information which can be retrieved in three ways: Go to

How do I check the status of certified mail?

Delivery status can be retrieved in three ways:

  1. Over the Internet at by entering the USPS Tracking® number shown on the mailing receipt.
  2. By telephone using the item’s USPS Tracking number.
  3. By bulk electronic file transfer for mailers who provide an electronic manifest to the USPS.

Can I do USPS Registered Mail Online? makes shipping with Registered Mail more convenient. You can print postage and address labels that include the Registered Mail service in one easy step to expedite your Registered Mail letter or package drop-off at the Post Office.

How does Registered Mail get delivered?

Requires a signature upon delivery. Mailers using Registered Mail Restricted Delivery can direct delivery only to the addressee (or addressee’s authorized agent). Delivery information provides delivery status or attempted delivery status when the item reaches its destination.

How can I track a registered mail without a tracking number?

Return To The USPS Branch One of the simplest is to stop by the USPS branch where you initially sent your mail out from. Some employees might state that without the tracking number that there is little that they can do. But many post offices have a daily list of packages shipped and their tracking number.

How long does it take for registered mail to be delivered?

10-14 days
Registered Mail can take up to 10-14 days for delivery. The Collect on Delivery option available with Registered Mail can take up to 45 days. As mentioned, Certified Mail travels at the same speed as First Class or Priority Mail.

Can you track certified mail without tracking number?

Without a tracking number, it can be difficult to impossible to properly track a package’s progress. Instead, you might need to rely on the receiver notifying you that they’ve received the package themselves. This is probably not a step you wanted to take when you initially signed up for certified mail.

Is Registered Mail delivered to the door?

Where mail is normally delivered to the addressee’s door, we’ll deliver the Registered Mail™ item to the door if there’s someone available to sign for it.