Can I put a regular wheel on the front of my dually?

Can I put a regular wheel on the front of my dually?

You can put regular wheels on a dually. The standard size tire for a dually is 225/85r16. If you exceed this size, it is a good idea to install spacers.

Can you put bigger tires on a dually?

The best option without running spacers is a set of 255/80/17s, as long as you keep the tires inflated. 35×12.5s tires will fit perfectly provided you have spacers in between the duals.

How do you turn a truck into a dually?

How To Convert A Truck To A Dually

  1. Raise the truck slowly using a jack stand.
  2. Remove the rear wheels using a lug wrench.
  3. After removing the wheels, unbolt the driveline and brake line.
  4. Then, remove the axle held together by nuts, and lift it to its center.
  5. Fix the heavy leaf springs for your vehicle.

Why do Duallys have smaller wheels?

The extra wheels help spread out the weight of the payload. The extra wheels also give the truck more contact with the road and help improve balance and stability, especially when it’s windy.

What are dually spacers?

These hub centric 8 lug wheel spacers, and dually wheel spacers are specifically designed for vehicles using factory wheels. They may also be used to make aftermarket wheels hub centric. For example, installing larger tires for more clearance and/or wider stance.

How do I convert dually to single wheel?

Just get your new tires and wheels, remove the front dually wheel adapters, exchange your bed for a SRW bed and do the swap.

What makes the Firestone TransForce AT tires so good?

The Firestone Transforce AT’s rugged tread blocks and circumferential grooves give it extra traction on and off the road, making for a well-balanced, do-it-all tire for your work truck.

What are TransForce AT tires made of?

One like the Firestone Tire Transforce AT that offers grip on a wide variety of road surfaces and conditions. With an advanced high modulus tread compound that combines polyester and steel construction, you can count on the Transforce AT to resist punctures and tears while prolonging overall tire wear.

What makes the TransForce at so special?

The Transforce AT also features large, closed shoulder blocks, which provide stability and controlled handling, even under a load. And with the alternating shoulder scallops and aggressive inner tread blocks, you can count on forward grip even in the most challenging of terrains.