Can I open a GarageBand iOS project in logic?

Can I open a GarageBand iOS project in logic?

Load one of your existing projects in Logic. To share this with GarageBand iOS, drop down the File menu and click Share / Project to GarageBand for iOS (Screen 1). From the pop-up dialogue, choose your iCloud GarageBand iOS folder as the location and then save your project.

Is Logic Pro X compatible with GarageBand?

The two programs already talk to each other to a degree, which is useful. You can use GarageBand on your phone to add layers to an existing Logic Pro X project or start a project in GarageBand and finish it in Logic Pro X. But it’s not a seamless experience, and each has unique features the other doesn’t support.

Can I open a Logic Pro project in GarageBand?

I’m afraid that won’t work: Logic can open Garageband projects, but Garageband cannot open Logic projects. You both need to use the same program, preferrably the exact same versions, and preferrably also the exact same OS.

Is there a pro version of GarageBand?

Stepping up from GarageBand to the professional features of Logic Pro is one of the smoothest transitions you’ll ever make. For starters, you’re greeted with a familiar interface. And your GarageBand projects from Mac, iPhone, or iPad open in Logic Pro exactly as you left them.

How do I open GarageBand on iPhone on Mac?

Import a GarageBand for iOS song

  1. In GarageBand on Mac, choose File > iCloud > Import GarageBand for iOS Song.
  2. In the Import GarageBand for iOS Song dialog, select the song you want to import.
  3. Click Import.

Should I upgrade from GarageBand to logic?

More, Better FX. GarageBand has many of the same plug-ins that are found in Logic, but Logic has plenty to add. And for some plug-ins, the feature set is greatly reduced/simplified in the GB version—open up the Logic version and you’ll find many more control and options.

Can you get Logic Pro on iPhone?

Logic Remote lets you use your iPhone or iPad to control Logic Pro on your Mac. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play software instruments, mix tracks, and control features like Live Loops and Remix FX from anywhere in the room.