Can I connect Huawei AI Cube to Wi-Fi?

Can I connect Huawei AI Cube to Wi-Fi?

And it’s not limited just to 4G, as using the ethernet port you can also use the Huawei AI Cube as a Wi-Fi router, with support for 802.11ac, capable of broadcasting on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and with speeds theoretically up to 1,200Mbps over LAN.

Can I use Huawei AI Cube without SIM?

The network provides the smart speaker as part of its 4G home internet service. You can use a SIM card and the Huawei AI Cube as a replacement for traditional home broadband thanks to Three’s more-than-reasonable data plans.

Is Huawei AI Cube 5G ready?

Does the Huawei AI Cube support 5G? No. The Huawei AI Cube B900 only supports 3G & 4G, with up to Category 6 LTE speeds (up to 300Mbit/s download and up to 50Mbit/s upload).

What is Huawei AI Cube?

The AI Cube (also known as the B900) is a Google Home look-a-like smart speaker with 4G, Wi-Fi router capabilities and Amazon Alexa built in. Huawei clearly hopes that its smart speaker-cum-router will be able to take on the competition in time for the gift-giving season later this year.

Why is my Huawei cube flashing yellow?

Blue/cyan/yellow: Connected to a mobile network with different signal strength. Green: Connected to an Ethernet network. Red: The SIM card is not detected, PIN not entered, or PIN verification failed. Off: No device is connected to the LAN port.

Does Alexa work with Huawei?

Last year, Amazon made Alexa accessible from every iOS device by adding it to the Amazon Shopping app. Then Huawei added Alexa to its Mate 9 phone. And HTC updated the HTC U11 to make Alexa the primary digital assistant. Now all Android phones have access to Alexa.

Can Huawei AI Cube connect to Spotify?

According to Huwaei, the AI Cube does not currently support Spotify Music Services.

Can you use Huawei AI Cube as a speaker?

Features. There are three core features to the Huawei AI Cube: its Alexa assistant function, its capabilities as a speaker, and that curveball inclusion of a 4G router.

Why is my Huawei Wi-Fi not working?

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and your password is correct. Power off and restart the device. Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect to it.

Why is my Huawei dongle flashing?

Flashing or solid blue light – your dongle has connected to the network. You should be able to access the internet. Flashing or solid cyan light – your dongle has connected to the high speed network. You should be able to access the internet and stream videos.