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Can ABA be used for Down syndrome?

Can ABA be used for Down syndrome?

ABA Therapy For Down Syndrome ABA helps individuals with a variety of diagnoses, including those who are not formally diagnosed with a condition. One subset of children with exceptional needs who greatly benefit from ABA services are those with Down Syndrome.

How do you discipline someone with Down syndrome?

Children with down syndrome tend to respond to positive behavior techniques rather than discipline. So remember, stay positive and use other tools before resorting to discipline.” while there are many things that experts and professionals can help with, simple daily actions you take at home can also have a huge impact.

How does Down syndrome affect a person mentally?

The psychosocial and environmental triggers also lead to a state of generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive symptoms, and depression and sleep difficulties. They may be associated with weight loss, poor self care, and inability to be motivated to attend school or go to work placements.

Are people with Down syndrome manipulative?

Deficits in motor performance have been well documented in individuals with Down syndrome (DS). However, only a few studies have focused on manipulative skills and older adults in this population.

Why do kids with Down syndrome throw things?

Flopping and Bolting are common behaviors for individuals with Down syndrome (Ds). Flopping is somewhat like a form of non-violent protest. My daughter uses this tactic from time to time. She drops like a stone with a lot of force even on hard floors, yanking her arm out of my hand, without regard to possible injury.

How do you deal with Down syndrome tantrums?

These five strategies tend to work well for individuals with Down syndrome.

  1. Routine. Routine and structure are important for any child, but this is especially true for children with Down syndrome (DS).
  2. Reward.
  3. Choice.
  4. Redirection.
  5. Consistency.

How do adults deal with Down syndrome?


  1. do not talk down to people with Down’s syndrome – treat them like anyone their age.
  2. do not just talk to parents or carers, talk directly to people with Down’s syndrome.
  3. do not use outdated and offensive language when talking to people with Down’s syndrome – see the Down’s Syndrome Association language guide.

Do adults with Down syndrome age faster?

Adults with Down syndrome experience “accelerated aging,” meaning they will age faster than the general population. It is expected that adults with Down syndrome will show physical, medical, and cognitive signs of aging much earlier than what is expected for their age.