Can a maid buy insurance in Singapore?

Can a maid buy insurance in Singapore?

Here’s how to choose the best one for your needs. In Singapore, it’s mandatory for employers of foreign domestic helpers to buy maid insurance, which is an insurance policy that covers any work-related accidents and medical care charges sustained by the helper.

How do I renew my maid insurance in Singapore?

Log into the Ministry of Manpower’s e-services website here using your Singpass. Fill in the online form. Upload a PDF scan of the personal particulars page in your helper’s passport, which should be valid for at least 7 months after her work permit’s expiry date.

What is maid insurance?

Generally speaking, domestic helper insurance covers employees’ compensation to the domestic helper, the domestic helper’s accident benefits, surgical and hospital expenses, repatriation expenses, replacement expenses, infidelity of employee cover, allowance for temporary employee etc.

What is maid insurance Singapore?

Maid Insurance protects your domestic helper against unexpected expenses. Getting insurance for your domestic helper is not just mandatory, but it can save you on a lot of extra cost in case of an emergency.

Can maid buy Shield plans?

You can buy plans from any insurer as long as it meets the compulsory minimum coverage requirements. However, you are strongly encouraged to buy additional insurance coverage for greater protection against medical bills incurred by your MDW and peace of mind.

What is security bond for FDW?

A security bond is a binding pledge to pay the government if either you or your helper breaks the law or Work Permit conditions. The bond is in the form of a banker’s or insurer’s guarantee. You must buy a $5,000 security bond for each helper you employ, except for Malaysian helpers.

How do I renew my FDW insurance?

How to renew

  1. Log in to submit the application and upload the required documents. Refer to the renewal letter for specific instructions.
  2. Pay $35 for each renewal. You can pay by VISA, Master Card or direct debit.

How do I extend my FDW?

Log in to our FDW eService to request for the extension. You must do so within 2 months before the Work Permit expires. If you don’t intend to keep employing your helper, please remember to cancel her Work Permit before the extended expiry date. Otherwise, your security bond may be forfeited.

Does Maid cover outpatient?

Maid insurance in Singapore should offer coverage not just for hospitalisation, but also for outpatient surgery and other treatment. That means that if your domestic helper visits a hospital but is not warded, the medical bills can still be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Does maid have insurance?

Maid insurance policies are required to cover hospitalisation expenses and surgical fees, including day surgery fees, in the event of an injury or illness. Certain policies may also provide cover for pre-hospitalisation medical consultation and diagnostic services and post-hospitalisation follow-up treatments.

What is Third Party liability in FDW insurance?

Third Party Liability: Third party liability indemnifies the insured against the liability to pay compensation in the event the insured maid in involved in incidents in the course of her employment for which made and employer can be held liable.

What happens when FDW contract ends?

Terminating an employment contract Either you or your FDW can terminate the employment contract by giving the notice period stated in the employment contract. If the notice period cannot be given, the party terminating the employment should pay salary in lieu of notice. Notice period can be waived by mutual consent.