Are there big bucks in Kentucky?

Are there big bucks in Kentucky?

Derek Settle solo hunted a monster buck that’s sure to make the record books and is quite possibly the biggest buck ever taken in Kentucky—a state that is known for its booners. Settle says the impressive whitetail has at least 57 scorable points and rough-scored it at 289 5/8 inches B&C.

Where are the big bucks in Kentucky?

Blue Grass Region. The Blue Grass Region is the best area in the state of Kentucky for deer hunting, with Owen county leading the pack. During the 2013 deer season, hunters bagged a record 4,069 deer, which was more than in any other county.

Is Buckshot legal in KY?

Lay, Thank you for your question. The use of buckshot in the state of Kentucky is illegal for coyotes and furbearers.

Where is the best public hunting in Kentucky?

“Ballard has the best buck-to-doe ratio of any public hunting area in the state at one buck for every two does,” Yancy says, “and it also has an excellent age-class structure that features a lot of older bucks.” Starting this year, more sportsmen will be able to take advantage of these numbers.

What county in Kentucky has the most deer?

With 3,451 deer reported taken, Crittenden County edged Hardin County for the top spot. Pendleton, Christian and Owen counties rounded out the top five. “Some of our western Kentucky counties are producing a lot of deer,” Jenkins said.

What county in Kentucky has the biggest bucks?

Since 2000, Hart County has emerged as the top producer of trophy deer. Kentucky’s other top areas for big bucks over the past seven seasons include Casey, Henderson, Lewis, and Grayson counties.

What county in KY has the biggest bucks?

Can you deer hunt with a .223 in Kentucky?

Yes its big enough. The military use them everyday. You can kill a Deer with a 22 short if it hit in vital area. Yes it is leagle to hunt with.Im planning on starting this year with my AR.

Can you deer hunt with a 556 in Kentucky?

Technically, with any centerfire caliber being legal for deer, one of the . 17 calibers (fireball, hornet, etc) would be the minimum caliber legal for deer. But also the . 25 ACP is technically also legal.

Can you bait deer in Kentucky?

Current Kentucky regulations allow hunters to hunt deer using bait while on private property. Hunting deer over bait on public property is not allowed.

What part of Kentucky has the biggest deer?

Within our (Purchase) region, Crittenden (2,586) and Christian (2,322) counties topped the list, but Graves (1,870), Livingston (1,479), Caldwell (1,185), Calloway (1,140) and Trigg (1,043) also topped the one grand mark. That’s 50 percent.

What part of Kentucky has the best deer hunting?