Are there bears in Black Mesa?

Are there bears in Black Mesa?

Black Mesa is a birder’s paradise any time of the year. Golden eagles, scaled quail, black-billed magpies and pinyon jays are just a few of the birds that may be observed. Black bear, bobcat, mountain lion, mule deer, bighorn sheep and antelope are some of the mammals you might also spot while hiking around.

Who manages Black Mesa?

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

Black Mesa State Park
Nearest city Boise City, OK
Coordinates 36.8458550°N 102.8802025°WCoordinates:36.8458550°N 102.8802025°W
Area 349 acres (141 ha)
Governing body Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

How high is Black Mesa?

4,974′Black Mesa / Elevation

Does Black Mesa State Park have showers?

Located about 15 miles from the nature preserve, Black Mesa State Park is adjacent to Lake Carl Etling and offers online reservable RV campsites with water and electric hookups, tent campsites, picnic facilities, boat ramps, playground and restrooms with showers.

Where is Black Mesa Halflife?

New Mexico desert
Black Mesa is an American research corporation whose headquarters are located in the Black Mesa Research Facility, in the New Mexico desert.

How long is the hike up Black Mesa?

Sitting on the northwestern tip of the panhandle, Black Mesa is the highest point in Oklahoma. The trail is 4.2 miles each way, and takes around 4 hours to complete. Marked by mileage signs, the trail is flat for the first several miles, before ascending 600 feet along switchbacks.

What is the tallest point in Oklahoma?

Black Mesa Summit Trail
For a rewarding hiking experience, look no further than the Black Mesa Summit Trail. This trail will take you all the way to the top of Black Mesa, where you can stand at the highest point in Oklahoma – 4,973 feet above sea level.

What Oklahoma region has the roughest geography?

the Ouachita Mountains
On the border of Arkansas, in the southeastern part of Oklahoma, are the Ouachita Mountains. These sandstone ridges, running east to west, form the roughest land in Oklahoma.

Are dogs allowed at Black Mesa State Park?

Dogs are allowed in the park, nature preserve, and camp areas for no additional fee. Dogs must be leashed, under their owner’s control, and cleaned up after at all times.

Do people live in Black Mesa?

The facility is well-populated by rest areas and dormitories for the employees of the facility. As Eli Vance reveals in Half-Life 2 that his wife and daughter lived in Black Mesa with him, it can be inferred that employees’ families reside in the dormitory complexes as well.